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COL Tips & Tricks

The Value of Building a Network

by Jennifer Jackson, Assistant Director, Center for Student Success

Juggling life’s responsibilities, work, family, and school is stressful! You may be in the beginning of your program, in the middle, or coming up on your last semester. Chances are burnout will hit you at one point or another if it hasn’t already. It’s inevitable when carrying a full load that sometimes feels like it’s busting at the seams. How do you combat that? Having family support is wonderful but not everyone has family close by or in their corner. So where do you turn next? Your classmates, faculty, and staff can be your greatest asset in times of burnout because they are in it with you, experiencing similar situations and emotions.  Earning an education is a BIG deal and it comes with a lot of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. It can be difficult for family and friends to understand because they are watching from the outside. Your internal support group, however, will be cheering you on when Operations Management is way more than you bargained for or wanted to persevere through and you are ready to throw in the towel…or book for that matter. At Evangel, you have an opportunity to gain more than an education. You can walk away with a diploma and a life boat of people who will support you even beyond graduation.  If you have not created a Facebook group, group text, or some other social media group chat with your cohort, I highly and strongly recommend it! Building a network of support will be your saving grace.

Do you know where to get computer help?

For IT issues:  Call 417 865 2815, x 4357 (HELP) or email

For Canvas/Course Commons Assistance:  Note the “Support” icon on your Dashboard navigation menu (on the left of the page).  It looks like a lower case ‘i’.  When you select that icon, a menu will appear.  Select “Report a Problem” and complete the form to file a ticket for a personal response from the support team.  Be sure to include a thorough description of the problem.

Note:  IT does not deal directly with Canvas/Course Commons, so please do not call them for issues pertaining to your courses in Canvas/Course Commons.

When working in Canvas/Course Commons: for the best computer performance with the least number of issues (particularly with Studio, the Canvas video platform), be sure to use Chrome as your browser. 

Course Commons

Have you added a photo of yourself to your profile within Course Commons?  Doing so will help your instructor and classmates connect your face with your name. Especially now, this will allow you to feel a little more connected.  Setting your preferences helps you to determine how and when you want to receive notifications within your courses, including when assignments are due, when assignments are graded, and when you receive feedback or communication from your instructor and classmates. Many students like to receive text notifications in addition to emails.  Access these features by clicking on your account icon in Course Commons, and then click on Settings.  To select how you want to be notified for each type of interaction, click on Notifications.

COL Students Have Full Access to the EU Library

Did you know that as a COL student you have full access to the EU library?  Check out this link where you can watch a brief video talking about “Off Campus Access” and how to log in to the system.  You have access to books, databases, research help and more!

If you need assistance, we have a wonderful library staff that will go to great lengths to help you find what you need. Just give them a call at 417 268 1058 or send them an email.  For more information on EU libraries, visit the EU Libraries website.  

Happy studying!