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Prior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning is a term to describe learning that a person acquires outside of a traditional academic environment.  This learning can come through work experience, employer training programs, non-credit courses, seminars, and more.

Prior Learning assessment is the process where an individual’s experiential learning is evaluated through a course and creation of a portfolio to gain college credit.  Prior learning assessment is a flexible, efficient way of earning college credits. Evangel University has helped hundreds of adults save countless in-class hours by earning credits based on their college-level knowledge acquired beyond the classroom.

Students seeking Prior Learning credit should enroll in the course GNSA 298 (Prior Learning Seminar) within the first few semesters of college. This class is a great way to reflect on how much you have accomplished in your life as well as earn college credit toward your degree. During this course, students will develop the knowledge and tools needed to create a portfolio for up to 26 hours of elective credits.  Portfolios include various documents to demonstrate how the student has mastered the learning outcomes of specific courses.

Who Can Benefit From Portfolio Assessment?

Although it is possible for any student to benefit from the portfolio assessment, the students who gain the greatest benefits tend to share certain traits:

  • Have been in the workforce for several years
  • Have some on-the-job training, licenses, or certifications
  • Have previously attended a non-accredited school or participated in independent studies
  • Have led global missions trips
  • Are willing to perform the type of in-depth personal assessment needed to prepare an effective portfolio

At Evangel University, our academic advisors can help you assess if Prior Learning helps meet your education goals.  They are happy to assist you in exploring and understanding your next steps.

Contact Info:

Please contact Christine Battaglia for more information.

Virtual Open House on Prior Learning Assessment

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