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Students are excited about new Business Analytics Certificate program

Published on Apr 21, 2020 by Paul K. Logsdon


SPRINGFIELD, MO — Evangel University’s Department of Business & Economics has added a new set of online classes that lead to a Business Analytics Certificate. The first cohort of students in the program will complete their classes this semester.

Lauren Gore //

“I have always looked for ways to develop new skills, and once I heard about the opportunity to attain a certificate in data analytics, I was all-in,” said Lauren Gore, a senior marketing major from Ozark, Mo.

“I feel like I’ve gained another tool in my toolbox, and that’s an exciting thing!”

Evangel’s new program is designed to teach students how to analyze, interpret, and convey information gleaned from big data sources. It is geared toward those responsible to help guide business strategy and growth.

“Every business, organization and non-profit person that we talk to asks how much our students know about data analytics, business intelligence and big data,” said Dr. Jeremy Harris, director of the computer information systems program at Evangel.

“Vast amounts of data are collected even by the smallest of organizations,” he said. “How to make sense of the data and convey meanings in an intelligent and easy-to-understand manner has become of the utmost importance.”


Core changes at Evangel

The Business Analytics Certificate program was started at Evangel in the fall of 2019 for traditional undergraduate students. There are four courses and each is taught online.

Dr. Jeremy Harris //

According to Dr. Harris, the Department of Business & Economics changed its “Business Core” requirements to include the first of the new courses, Introduction to Data Analytics, and it is now mandatory for all business students to complete.

The other three courses are Principles of Data Communication and Visualization, Applications of Data Analytics, and Analytics Capstone.

“We encourage our business students — and any other major for that matter — to take the remaining three courses and complete the certificate,” said Harris. “The certificate designation will look very good on transcripts and resumes.”

Gore agrees. “After completing this certificate, I feel much more equipped for my future,” she said. “I have acquired skills that will be a great asset to future teams.”

She currently serves as finance director for Evangel’s Enactus Team (formerly Students in Free Enterprise) and will start her MBA program at Missouri State University in the fall.

With a minor in Nonprofit Business & Social Enterprise, Gore’s long-range goal is to integrate marketing and mission work.


Drake Carpenter with his wife, Evy, a junior at Evangel. //

Value added

Drake Carpenter is another one of the first students to complete the Business Analytics Certificate this spring at Evangel University.

“I entered the process from the beginning with the goal of attaining the certification,” he said. “These days, certifications often hold more weight than minors.”

Carpenter will complete his bachelor’s degree in marketing this month and will immediately start working on Evangel’s Master of Organizational Leadership program this summer.

“These courses were fast, challenging, and interesting,” said Carpenter. “They offered a variety of tasks to aid in comprehension including, but not limited to, writing, presenting, data interpretation, creating visualizations, and reading.”

Carpenter has been active on campus, gaining leadership skills as Commuter Body President for a term, and serving as Student Property Manager for off-campus housing for two years so far.

As for long-range goals, “Ultimately, I would love to learn, study, apply and write on management and leadership theory in my career,” said Carpenter.


The Business Analytics Certificate is available online for traditional undergrad students, through the College of Adult & Graduate Studies, and as a stand-alone certificate. //


Business at Evangel

Evangel was able to launch the new Business Analytics Certificate program this past year, thanks to funding from a generous donor and the addition of Dr. Jeremy Harris to the Business Department, according to Dr. Eveline Lewis, chair of the department.

“The timing couldn’t be better,” said Dr. Lewis. “Our students’ skills in data analytics and business intelligence will position them well in the current business environment.”

Dr. Eveline Lewis //

The Evangel University Department of Business offers a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with majors in accounting, business education, computer information systems, finance, management, marketing, and nonprofit business & social enterprise.

In addition, Evangel’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies (CAGS) offers online programs for a Bachelor of Science in Management degree and a Master of Organizational Leadership degree.

Starting in the fall of 2020, working adult students in the CAGS programs can earn the Business Analytics Certificate as part of a degree program or as a stand-alone certificate.

“The certificate will be useful for health-care professionals, educators, sport management personnel, churches and other nonprofits, as well as business people,” said Dr. Lewis.

“The knowledge and skills taught in this certificate program will be applicable in any areas where big data is important.”


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