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Business Analytics Certificate

Enhance your knowledge of analytics and use that knowledge to help guide business strategy and growth. Discover how computational, statistical, and information technology tools are used to give insight into trends and relevant business information. Big data often presents big problems for businesses. Use your skills in data analytics to overcome challenges and anticipate future business needs.


Discover and explore the foundations of business analytics

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BUSA 250 – Introduction to Data Analytics (3 credits)

  • Define and understand key terms related to data analytics
  • Understand the data analytics process and core elements of an analytics project
  • Develop a recognition of elements of the analytics process in every day applications
  • Understand foundational elements of analytics in Microsoft Excel

BUSA 275 – Principles of Data Communication (3 credits)

  • Understand the key design elements of an effective data visualization.
  • Develop an understanding of how data visualization fits in the business world.
  • Identify what it takes to build a data fluent culture.
  • Develop an effective visualization to answer a key business question.

BUSA 325 – Applications of Data Analytics (3 credits)

  • Understand how analytics is used across industries and disciplines.
  • Identify elements of the analytics process in every day interactions with businesses.
  • Identify the ethical, legal, and other risks of data use in various applications.

BUSA 425 – Analytics Capstone (3 credits)

  • Plan and execute a data analytics project
  • Leverage the SQ Method to guide your project
  • Use data visualizations to communicate results of your analytics
  • Communicate the results of your project to the relevant audience
  • Design a written report related to a data-focused analysis
  • Design a presentation focused on communicating data-focused results


Seven weeks per course

12 credit hour program


As part of a degree program

Included in degree tuition if taken with other courses and total credit hours per semester does not exceed 18

Additional cost applies if taken with other courses and total credit hours per semester exceeds 18

As a stand-alone certificate program 

$390 per course
$1,560 program total