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Religious Studies

The Religious Studies minor is designed to provide students the opportunity to pursue a wide variety interests which fall under Department of Theology. For most students the requirements are 9 credit hours of Core Curriculum Theology courses (one must be THEO 320, Pentecost), and 9 more credit hours of departmental classes. Almost any courses from the department can be used, with just a few exceptions (see below). For many students, if you want some Intercultural Studies, Youth Ministry, or Philosophy courses to apply to a program but do not want to take 18 hours in those areas, you could do 9 hours from these various areas and earn the Religious Studies minor. Perhaps you want to mix and match—maybe Archaeology, Philosophy, and Church History, you could.

If you transfer in some courses which fall under the Theology Department, but which do not fulfill specific requirements for other departmental programs, those can be used here. This is a common situation for people who have taken some courses at another Christian college, as well as some community colleges. Transfer students can often earn a minor based on the reduced Evangel requirements plus their transfer courses, if they add up to 18 credit hours.

There are a few exclusions: Core Curriculum courses beyond the 9 required Core credit hours, as well as Elementary Hebrew and Greek, cannot be used for the minor. In addition, students who have Biblical Studies or Church Leadership majors cannot use any Core Curriculum credits toward the minor. That said, their required Philosophy course can be applied to the minor.



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