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Valor Scholars Academy

Honors Program

The Valor Scholars Academy is built around your “who. Who do you see yourself becoming and what are you willing to invest to become that person? With a willingness to put forth effort, graduating from college is an attainable goal for just about anyone. But when you graduate, who do you see in the mirror? Do you have a degree? Do you have a first step in your career, be it employment or further education? Those options are what you do, but not who you are. We believe that the Scholars Academy will provide students with more than just increased rigor or time commitments – it is not about working harder and certainly not about being busy. It is the opportunity for purposeful industry grounded in the person you desire to become.

Ultimately, students who chose to join the Scholars Academy are able to shape their direction. Whether choosing the pathway of teaching, health care or business, the Scholars Academy determine steps that will enhance their academic direction. As a result, their purposeful selections along with the required expectations engage the Scholars Academy in a focused and enriching development.

Program Summary

Valor Scholars Academy (formerly the Honors Program) is a community of like-minded people enhancing their learning to discover their unique identities. The program provides a framework of opportunities customized for enrichment in the Three Pillars of the academy: character, knowledge, and leadership.

Program Requirements



Aptitude and capacity are always in abundant supply with high achievers. To make the most of these gifts, depth of character is a non-negotiable. Throughout the Scholars Academy, students are given opportunities to reflect, invest and develop a godly character.

  • Mentoring
  • Campus Leadership
  • Enrichment opportunities to dialogue with the EU community on challenging topics
  • Community Service
    • Serve in the community at least once per semester
    • Examples provided each semester
  • Global Cultures and Compassion
    • Examples provided each semester
    • Student may choose one independently


Students who choose to participate in the Scholars Academy are expected to pursue academic coursework that serves a dual purpose: (1) they provide students with an enriching interdisciplinary intellectual opportunity, and (2) they are options that fulfill Core Curriculum requirements. Valor Scholars have the freedom to choose the academic options they feel suits their situation the best.  In addition, the Scholars Academy will also occasionally provide elective courses that are only open to Valor Scholars.

  • Academy Elective:
    • Academy exclusive elective courses that cover various topics will be provided at various times.
  • Contract Courses
    • This option provides students with the ability to (1) deepen their curiosity in course content; and (2) can serve to fulfill the part of the Knowledge requirements.
    • The guidelines are included on the Valor Scholars Academy Course Commons page and explored in HON 200.
  • Enrichment
    • Each semester, students will have access to intellectually enriching experiences both on campus and in the Springfield community. These opportunities will be made available on the Valor Scholars Academy Course Commons page.
    • Students will be required to provide a reflection of experiences provided at various times throughout the academic year.
Campus Leadership

Campus Leadership

If Character is internal development, Leadership is external development.  Valor Scholars will be required to develop leadership skills throughout their time in the Academy.

  • Valor Scholars will be expected to participate in a campus leadership role throughout their time in the program. With the many leadership opportunities across campus, students have the ability to choose an ear where they best fit as an influential decision-maker at Evangel.
  • Students may choose to stay in one area or choose to engage in multiple opportunities.

Tier Summary

The Valor Scholars Academy is divided into two tiers. Each tier consists of approximately three semesters worth of activities. Students may pursue each requirement at their discretion. Upon fulfilling the requirements of the first tier, the student may complete the program or continue to the second tier.  Students will be awarded the corresponding title upon completion of each tier. All Valor Scholars who complete a tier will receive graduation recognition and regalia.

Tier One: Specialist

The Specialist Tier introduces students to the three columns by focusing on one core element from each column.

Character·       2 mentorships
·       HON 200 (1)
·       1 year of church volunteering
·       4 enrichment opportunities
Knowledge·       Cumulative 3.5 GPA
·       Academy Elective or CC (3)
·       4 enrichment opportunities
Leadership·       LEAD 200 (1)
·       LEAD 250 (3)
·       1 year of campus leadership
 Total Credits·       (8)
Tier Two: Artisan

Upon completing the Specialist Tier, students may continue in the program, progressing into the Artisan Tier.  This tier pursues deeper and richer academic challenges and opportunities in each of the three columns.

Character·       1 mentorship
·       HON 430 (3)
·       1 year of church volunteering
·       4 enrichment opportunities
·       Global Connections
Knowledge·       Cumulative 3.8 GPA
·       Academy Elective or CC (3)
·       4 enrichment opportunities
Leadership·       LEAD 470 (2)
·       LEAD 498 (1)
·       1 year of campus leadership
Total Credits·       (9)

For more information, contact Preston Kness, director.