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5 Things You Need To Know Before Attending Evangel

by Alexa Peyton

Before you really commit to a college, you’ve got to get to know it a little better. Consider this blog post your pre-meet-up Google. You know, that little search you do to make sure the person you’re about to meet isn’t blatantly and obviously crazy.

Spoiler: we’re crazy, but in a really good way.


5 Things You Need to Know Before Attending Evangel (or any other Christian university):


How much everyone prays. You hear “just pray about it” and “how can I pray for you?” a lot. Sounds super cliché, right? But it’s true, and it’s not a bad thing at all.

Several professors start class by praying, or by asking if anyone in the class would like to do so. Most of the time it’s a normal thank-you-for-this-day-please-help-us-learn prayer, but every now and then, someone says a prayer like, “You know what it is. Amen.”



A lot of professors even go out of their way to ask if there are any prayer requests. Even when you don’t have any, it always feels so nice to know that someone is there to pray for you.


The couples on campus. For the most part, these couples will be in the dorm lobbies. There are lobby couples everywhere literally all of the time. The majority of them are gag-worthy, so the best thing to do when you see one is to just keep walking. Avoid making eye contact at all costs.


Around March, the lobby couples migrate outside for the Spring. Even though everyone is hyper-aware of the lobby couples and how gross they are, everyone has been,is, or will at some time be that lobby couple. It’s just inevitable.


Curfew. Depending on how many credit hours you’ve taken and what your GPA is (you can find the specific requirements in the student handbook), you might be totally exempt from a curfew. However, if you’re a freshman or your GPA sucks, you definitely have curfew. Bummer. You’re basically like Cinderella trying to get home from the ball before her carriage turns back into a pumpkin. Except in your case, it will be way less cool because you’ll be locked out of your dorm instead of losing a slipper and finding your prince.


The thing about curfew is: it’s really for your benefit. I know, I know –you’re grown adults now and you don’t need someone telling you when to go to bed. But the siren call of busyness during your college years is strong, and sometimes you just need someone to cover your ears for you. So, you’re welcome.


Jesus never skips class. Sometimes, it can be hard to get into the class you want with your favorite professor and time slot you had in mind. In fact, class registration feels a lot like the Hunger Games when they’re running to the cornucopia. Everyone’s trying to get the exact same thing, and it’s up to you whether or not you’re going to get there first.


But really, the great thing is, no matter what class you’re taking, whether it’s Intro to Film or Statistics, somehow, Jesus will be incorporated into it. It might seem strange that biblical things would be integrated into the non-Bible classes, but it’s actually very beneficial.  Not only do you get to learn the material for the course, you also get to learn how it relates to your life spiritually. The professors also understand how stressed you are; they can see it. So, sometimes they just share a word on their heart to give you a little boost. They’re in your corner and want you to succeed.


Your hall = your fam.  When you’re here, your floor-mates will basically become your family. Grabbing coffee or going to the mall with them, or staying in and watching Netflix, will become your new normal. Like I said, you become a family, so it’s not rainbows and butterflies all the time.

Sometimes, being around the people on your floor feels a lot like…


But for the most part, it’s really great. Sometimes all you need is someone to vent to or pray with, and you can definitely find that in your hall. There is always someone who will be willing to lend an ear.


We’ve given you a little glimpse of life at Evangel, but it’s important to really feel your college choices out before you commit. Get to know the personalities of the colleges you’re considering, learn what life on campus is really like, and then dive in head-first.


ALexa  Alexa is only here because Hogwarts doesn’t accept FAFSA.