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AGTS Alumni Perspective: Gloria Seong Eun Lee

Name: Gloria Seong Eun Lee

Graduation Year: 2020

Major: Master in Theological Studies

Current Position: Grad student

City and State: Glen Burnie, Maryland


Tell us about your career and what you do now.

I am getting ready to begin a Ph.D. program in Counseling Psychology. Currently, I am studying for my Graduate Record Examinations (GREs) in order to apply to schools next fall. In the meantime, I am taking a much need gap year spending time with my family and dogs in Maryland, avoiding civilization like the plague. Delivery services have been my best friend.


What is your favorite memory from AGTS?

I am a textbook extrovert and can spend hours chatting with just about anyone. My favorite memory from AGTS is simply laughing and spending time with my friends and classmates. I have learned so much during my time at AGTS but my favorite part of my experience is the people I came to know.

Apart from the people I have met, being an AGTS student and moving to Springfield opened me up to a world of new experiences. Growing up, I stayed within the bubble of my own church community and never really got the opportunity to expand my horizons. Coming to AGTS gave me unique opportunities to experience so many different things. Living in the heart of AG community, I got to go and learn about a myriad of different AG churches and church cultures. I also had the opportunity to work at the Assemblies of God National Office, contributing to key research on unreached people groups. One summer, I got to sing the national anthem at a Springfield Cardinal’s baseball game at Hammon’s Field. It was also here that I met my puppy best friend, Jinju. All of these things would not have been possible if not for AGTS.


How did AGTS help you identify/develop your calling?

When I first came to AGTS, I had no clue what my calling would look like, only that God had called me to go into some sort of ministry. I wanted to be equipped for just about anything God called me to, so I enrolled at AGTS. I did not have any type of formal Bible education, aside from what I learned in church, so seminary was a very attractive option for me. Upon arriving at AGTS, my calling became almost immediately clearer. Through confirmation and guidance of my professors, peers, and family, I felt God’s calling on my life into counseling ministry.


How did your experience at AGTS prepare you for life after graduation?

In order to come to AGTS, I decided to move away from my hometown, about 10 minutes outside of Baltimore, Maryland, to Springfield. It was a monumental step and dramatically transformed almost every aspect of my life. Becoming independent was in and of itself a preparation for life after graduation. My experience over the two years at AGTS prepared me to be not only independent, but more actualized in my own capabilities as a leader, minister, and daughter of God. AGTS developed my calling in counseling ministry and theologically prepared me for further education in this field.


What advice would you give a current student preparing for the workforce?

I know that the current state of the world has made it increasingly difficult for graduating students everywhere to find employment. As schedules have been postponed and offices have been closed, I recognize how scary it may be for current students preparing for the workforce. Knowing full well that you are doing all that you can to stay ahead of the game despite the circumstances, my advice would be to give yourself some grace. Be kind to yourself. It is not a normal time, and it is nearly impossible to expect normalcy in the midst of multiple global crises. So listen, it is okay if you do not have a job lined up immediately after graduation. It is okay that your examinations have been delayed. It is also okay that 2020 has not turned out how we all might have planned; however, we can rest assured that regardless of our external circumstances, God’s calling on yours and my life will remain the same. His timing is always right. So, take a deep breath, breathe it out slowly, and give it to God.


What would you look for if you were in a position to hire new graduates from AGTS?

 If I were in that position, my first response would obviously be competency at the given work. Which I think is something every workplace is looking for. On a more personal level, I would be looking for someone who embodies the ideology of excellence. I believe that God calls us to do and be our best in all things. Doing our jobs well can be an expression of worship when we glorify God in the process. I would look for someone who performs their job with excellence, utilizes their gifts, and glorifies God through their work.