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AGTS and CBC alumni perspective: Jared Stoner

Name: Jared Stoner

Graduation Year: 1996 CBC, 2001 AGTS

Major: SE, Theological Studies

Current Position: Pastor at West County Assembly of God

Tell us about your career and what you do now.

After CBC, I attended and graduated from AGTS. My wife and I spent some time traveling and teaching in Bible colleges in the former Soviet Bloc and then taught at the Bulgarian Evangelical Theological Institute. In 2004, we moved to St. Louis, Missouri where I pursued a degree in Biblical Studies at Concordia Seminary. We served as the interim pastors at West County Assembly of God after the founding pastor, John Wilson, retired. We were voted in as the permanent pastors in 2008.

What is your favorite memory from CBC?

My favorite memory is listening to Dr. Oss and Dr. Haltom debate several points of Arminian theology between classes. It was a passionate but civil discussion and demonstrated the ability of God-fearing people to disagree and still partner together in Kingdom work.

How did CBC help you identify/develop your calling?

The variety of classes, chapels, and experiences at CBC exposed me to many facets of ministry that I had never considered before. It also gave me the opportunity to learn more about them, try them, and consider whether God might be leading me in that direction.

How did your experience at CBC prepare you for life after graduation?

CBC helped prepare me for life after graduation by teaching me diligence, patience, and discipline. The professors modeled how to think biblically and theologically and the chapels modeled how to lead a service. It was both the information provided and the example given that shaped my own leadership after CBC.

What advice would you give a current student preparing for the workforce?

College is not just a time to learn but to learn how to learn and develop good study habits. Anything worth doing will require further learning and growth; that does not come to an end with graduation.

What would you look for if you were in a position to hire a new graduate?

I would look for someone who has developed some maturity, is eager to learn, and is willing to spend enough time with us to become a part of the church family.