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Answering some big application questions

When you’re applying to colleges and universities, you’re likely to have a few big questions. Here, we answer some of the big questions you may have when considering Evangel University.

Does Evangel have a degree for me?

Evangel offers more than 75 academic programs to choose from, so there is bound to be a degree program for you!

We offer majors and minors in everything from biology to church leadership, and the EU community will push you academically and spiritually to prepare for life after graduation.

Go to our academic program list to see what Evangel has to offer for you.

Do extracurriculars matter on my application?

When we’re looking at your Evangel application, your academics will always be the top priority. We want to see how you applied yourself as a student and if you’re able to work hard in the classroom.

Yet, listing your extracurriculars can be a nice boost on your application. Listing the things you’ve done outside of the classroom shows us how you handle non-classroom activities without letting your academics suffer. So, list your extracurriculars including any community service experience. It might help push your application to the top.

Should I schedule a campus visit?


You should never attend a college you haven’t visited at least once. This is your best opportunity to learn where buildings are and see how big the campus is.

Plus, you can usually get a good judge of how you will enjoy campus life by taking a look around. You’ll also be able to meet campus reps that will answer any questions you may have. Evangel offers several different visit options, including overnight visits where you can stay in the dorms with an EU Host!

Ready to register for a campus visit? Fill out our registration form to get started!

How will EU affect my spiritual growth?

Evangel is a university committed to educating and equipping Spirit-empowered individuals who will impact society for the kingdom of Christ. We will encourage you to find and develop your individual and unique calling to reach your potential.  You will graduate knowing that you are fulfilling your calling and making a positive impact on those around you.


Have more questions? 

Visit us online at or email one of our admissions counselors.

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