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5 Reasons to Apply for the Founders Scholarship

Your dedication in high school could pay off at Evangel by applying for the Founders Scholarship. Our faculty push Founders scholars in academics and faith. Founders scholars learn to grow in their calling and prepare to excel after graduation.

If you’re still unsure about applying, take a look at some reasons that may convince you.

1 – Earn significant money for school

Founders Scholarship recipients can receive $12,000-$21,000, which students can renew for up to 4 years.

For some, going to college can come down to finances. A program like Founders can help make college possible.

If you’re in this situation, apply now! This is a fantastic opportunity to help knock down your costs, so take advantage of it. If you’re still unsure, read from one Founders student, James Heill where talks about his experience as a Founders applicant, and how it allowed him to attend Evangel.

2 – Hone your interview skills

As a Founders applicant, you visit campus and interview with our Scholarship Awards Committee.

This interview intends to help the committee hear your own words about what it means to attend Evangel.This is the opportunity to show your passion and describe the work you have done to bring you to this point. Use this time to brush up on your interviewing skills as a prep for future job interviews.

Talk about God’s calling on your life and your commitment to school. Be yourself. Stay true and authentic and you’ll do well!

3 – Join an elite group of students

Founders Day 2016
Photo from Evangel archives
Students meet during Founders Day in 2016.

Founders students are unique. They dedicated themselves to be the best they can be. They are passionate individuals who meet challenges head on and succeed.
When you apply, you are taking the first step toward joining a group of students who won’t settle for average. If you are someone who strives to be the best version of yourself, you need to apply.

Being a Founders student, you are taking initiative and setting yourself up for excellence.

4 – Excel in your future

Making the choice to attend Evangel is already setting you up to succeed. 96 percent of our graduates are landing jobs or attending graduate school after graduation. So, you’re in good company!
For Founders scholars, there is a high standard that is meant to push you toward success. Our faculty will push you in your academics to be top candidates after graduation. Our faculty work to develop your calling, leaving you spiritually prepared at graduation.

5 – Meet other Founders scholars

One of the scariest parts of going to college is meeting new people. On Founders Day, you will have the opportunity to meet other Founders applicants. Use this time to engage with people that have the same dedication as you.

This group will help encourage you and push you to do well. Having a support group of hardworking people that want to succeed will help bring out the best in you. Take the time to mingle and meet your fellow Founders scholars. Get to know why they are so excited and passionate about what they do. This may help get you excited about your own projects and goals!

If you’re ready to apply, be sure to fill out an application before Nov. 4! Watch the video below to learn how you can apply.

Founders Promo 2017 from Evangel University on Vimeo.

Guidelines to Apply

Qualified students will be invited to interview on campus. All interviewees will receive an award offer ranging from $12,000 to $21,000.


  • Admitted first-time freshman for fall 2017 and live on campus
  • 5+ GPA and composite 25 ACT score, SAT of 1130 or RSAT of 1200
  • Completed Founders application (located inside Application Portal)
  • Meet admissions deadlines
  • Attend on-campus interviews
  • Show strong Christian character


Be sure to dress well to present yourself at your very best! The Friday evening event is causal. For Saturday, business attire is advised. Suits are recommended, but not required.

Interview Day

The Founders Scholarship committee is comprised of faculty members and administrators from Evangel. The selection process is assigned to the Scholarship Awards Committee. After its review of all applications, the committee will select finalists to be given interviews.

  • The finalists are required to let the Office of Enrollment Management know if they accept the invitation to interview for a scholarship.
  • All invited finalists must be prepared to be on campus for the duration of the interview process
  • The finalists are asked to notify the Office of Enrollment Management if they need to cancel their interview at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Founders Scholarship levels will be awarded based on both the committee’s evaluation of the application material and the interviews.
  • Notification to the recipients will be made via email correspondence approximately two weeks after the Interview Day.

The schedule for the January 26-28 Interview Day can be viewed here.