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Become an agent of change: How leadership roles can affect your college experience

So you’ve been accepted to Evangel and are wondering opportunities for leadership there are. Well, look no further. At Evangel, we are all about educating and training people to be servant leaders, modeled after Jesus’ example. In fact, we have over 600 leadership opportunities at EU!

As a former student body vice-president at EU, I can proudly – and a little biasedly – say that the Evangel Student Government Association is the best way to lead change as a student.

ESGA is made up of two branches: the Activities Board and Senate. Our Activities Board plans all the big events on campus. Harvest Fest, Movie on the Lawn, and DVD Bingo are just a few of their incredible student-led events.

Senate is the legislative body on campus. They’re the ones who make changes. Each semester, bills like dorm improvements, meal plan changes, and curfew exemptions are written, debated, and passed. Imagine the US Congress, but at Evangel. Want something done? Give it to Senate.

My role as student body vice-president doubled as the overseer of the Senate, otherwise known as senate president. It’s rather proper, with phrases like, “For what purpose does the gentleman from Krause rise?” and “All in favor? All opposed?” said frequently. It’s not all parliamentary procedure, though. I work with incredible people, all dedicated to making the process go smoothly and impacting the campus in the best possible way.

A change of course

My journey with ESGA started my freshman year. I had my sights set on the glorious office of freshman class president.

Hour after hour was spent in my dorm room printing posters and making t-shirts. It was quite the event. In the end, the election didn’t go my way and I was utterly crushed. What would I do next?

When I finally embraced the humility that came with the situation, I joined the freshman class council as the public relations director. Little did I know, that experience would be one of my best at Evangel. I learned some valuable skills: how to work under my peers, cooperate with a team and resolve conflict. That prepared me for my sophomore year, when I served as sophomore class president.

That adventure was a bit different. This time, my organization skills were challenged and leadership beliefs were questioned. A year of working with an eclectic group of people and planning class events led me to run for student body vice-president.

Leadership opportunities are available all around campus, if you search for them. While I had the opportunity to lead through ESGA, there are other organizations that need leaders like you.

God has led me this far and I have no doubt he’ll continue to do the same. What will you get involved with at Evangel? Don’t be afraid to be a part of everything that this wonderful institution has to offer. Believe me, when you take advantage of the opportunities that God presents, there’s nowhere to go but up.