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Beyond EU: fun things to do off campus while at Evangel

By Hope Hamilton (’14)

Do Evangel students have time for fun off-campus? Yes! The answer is that simple. (Well, except for your occasional biological chemistry-mathematics-prelaw triple major, but every campus has one or two of those … you know who you are.)

Trust me, the students at Evangel know how to live it up.

When I first arrived at Evangel, I was astounded by how many ways people here find to have fun. My friends and I are always setting out on one adventure or another, and there’s really no knowing where the next one might lead.

If you’ve checked out the EULife blog then you may have already heard about some of the best elements of Evangel campus life, and the fun things us studious EU students do (other than study of course).

“Let’s go caving!” is not an uncommon phrase to hear, and it’s usually coupled with the countering opinions of those who are adventurous and those who are … less adventurous. There are dozens of beautiful hiking locations in the Ozarks, all a short drive from Evangel’s campus. As a new student, I joined Evangel’s Outdoor Adventure Club, so personally, hiking has become my favorite way to hang out with friends while getting away from homework and campus for a bit.

You can also choose from a variety of theaters in the Springfield area to catch a movie with your besties.

Other ways I’ve found to have fun with my friends at Evangel include random runs to Andy’s for frozen custard, long walks to Taco Bell or any of the close Chinese restaurants on Sunday nights, ever eventful runs to Wal-Mart or Target, and shopping at the Battlefield Mall.

Of course, there are always fun things happening on Evangel’s campus too. Activities Board is always throwing another spectacular event such as SpringFling and HarvestFest,  And there are always plenty of student recitals and concerts to attend — and trust me when I say EU students have got some talent.

I know some of these events just sound like foreign names to any non-EU student readers, but to me, they each represent precious memories I will carry with me forever. I have made some of the greatest friends at Evangel, and I know they will be lifelong friendships the like of which you don’t stumble upon every day.

There is an endless train of events and trips and memories waiting to be made at Evangel. If you’re not here already, what are you waiting for?