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CBC alumni perspective: Nick Poole

Name: Nick Poole

Graduation Year: 2005

Major: B.A. in Urban Ministries; A.A. in Pastoral Ministries; A.A. in Youth Ministries

Current Position: Lead Pastor

City and State: Irwin, PA

Tell us about your career and what you do now.

I have served as a youth pastor and church planting director. I am currently serving as the lead pastor at a church revitalization where I have been for over six years.

What is your favorite memory from CBC?

So many good memories but Chapels were some of my favorite moments at CBC. Beyond that, the interaction with classmates and hallmates around ministry and life would be a close second. 

How did CBC help you identify/develop your calling?

By creating a safe environment and atmosphere where my view of what ministry was and who God created me to be could be challenged and filtered in a God-honoring direction.

How did your experience at CBC prepare you for life after graduation?

The relationships I have with other pastors (former classmates) all over the country has been invaluable and such a blessing, giving me a ready-made network of fellow pastors the moment I graduated. The investment professors made in me has been huge, as they didn’t speak from theory but spoke from a combination of good academics paired with practical experience they had pastoring. 

What advice would you give a current student preparing for the workforce?

Surround yourself with good friends who you can reach out to and lean on when things get difficult. Also, recognize that real ministry is never as neat and clean as it appears to be in the classroom. Get involved in ministry while you’re in school, don’t wait for a degree, begin serving now.

What would you look for if you were in a position to hire a new graduate?

I would look for these things in order of priority:

  1. Someone with a strong walk with Jesus. It sounds elementary, but it’s vital.
  2. Someone who has been Involved in a local church while in college. Without this experience of serving, I might not take a second look.
  3. Someone with a vision for his or her ministry/calling. I’d want to see if they’ve processed that calling and allowed others to speak into it.