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CBC alumni perspective: Russ Hurst

Name: Russ Hurst

Graduation Year: 1996

Major: Biblical Studies

Current Position: Deputy VP International Program at Convoy of Hope

City and State: Springfield, MO

Tell us about your career and what you do now. 

After finishing CBC in 1996, I served as a youth pastor for a large church in the country of Singapore. We experienced a tremendous move of the Holy Spirit and saw incredible growth during the four years I was there. It was while in Singapore that I felt called into missions work. I then became an AGWM missionary and served in Central Europe as well as the Asia Pacific for approximately eight years. Our focus was on youth, university students, and evangelistic ministry. After that, the Lord led us to pastor. We pastored in Chicago and Boston over a period of nine years. Currently, I help lead the International Program at Convoy of Hope in Springfield, MO. God is using my missions/multi-cultural experience to help lead our teams in 13 countries around the world that oversee our Children’s Feeding Initiatives, Women’s Empowerment, Agricultural Initiatives, and Refugee Crisis Relief work.

What is your favorite memory from CBC?

My favorite memories revolve around my falling deeper in love with God’s Word. For the first time in my life, I wanted to go to school. My professors masterfully opened God’s Word to us, showed us and taught us things that we never knew were there. Classes like Geography of the Near East, the Pentateuch, Romans & Galatians, and Theology 1-4, etc. helped develop a foundation for my entire future ministry. CBC was critical for the development of preaching and handling God’s Word in my life and ministry.

How did CBC help you identify/develop your calling?

Several members of the faculty were great role models and mentors to follow, all of whom I still look up to today.

How did your experience at CBC prepare you for life after graduation?

When I left, I was ready to preach God’s Word with a balanced mixture of humility and confidence.

What advice would you give a current student preparing for the workforce?

Be hungry for the Holy Spirit, God’s Word, knowledge, and wisdom. If you continue to feast on these areas, you will be a success no matter where God leads you. As far as knowledge is concerned, you also have to get practical experience in ministry. So, get involved in a good local church and dive in.  There are many things that are “caught more than taught.”

What would you look for if you were in a position to hire a new graduate?

Someone who is godly, hungry, teachable and a hard worker. My last three hires were millennials who had those characteristics and they’ve been the best hires I’ve ever made.