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EU Alumni perspective: Steve Sanon

Name: Steven Sanon        

Graduation Year: 2008

Major: Business Management /Marketing

Current Position: Revenue Cycle Analyst II

City and State: Springfield, Mo

Tell us about your career and what you do now.

My career as an Analyst is something I am passionate about. I really enjoy data mining. My current position provides an environment where I am able to work collaboratively as either a facilitator or participant on projects that involve multiple stakeholders on various levels and departments within our Health network.

Some of the key responsibilities and functions related to my current position are the following:

  • Revenue cycle process evaluation.
  • Financial reporting and analysis.
  • Proactively identifying inefficiencies, issues, and opportunities.
  • Presenting findings and recommendations to leaders and other stakeholders.
  • Outsource vendor performance.

What is your favorite memory from Evangel?

Oh, my goodness! Where do I begin? I have so many memories from KRAUSE HALL alone (LOL). The Krause Hall antics were truly pure comedy 24/7 and if you did not get a chance to experience it I truly believe you missed out.

I would say the most memorable moments were with a student group I was a part of named P.R.I.D.E (Providing Racial integration and Diversity at Evangel). As a small group of college students from across the country, we were able to accomplish a lot.

Last but not least…The guys I played basketball with at Evangel would understand this, in Florida on the highway with Coach Joe (He had the best driving skills). I learned that God can truly protect you even when you’re in a van crossing three lanes going 60+ MPH on the highway and still make the right exit.

How did Evangel help you identify/develop your calling?

I would say Evangel helped me to understand Christianity from a worldview. I had the chance to meet a lot of people from different backgrounds and stages in life. I grew up in the city of Boston and I came to Evangel with one mindset, but I left with the mindset that God works in ways higher than what we can comprehend.

Evangel has taught me to always find the middle ground in any relationship and build from there even if we do not share the same beliefs. I have witnessed, experienced, and strive for God’s will in my life and it truly has been worth it all.

 How did your experience at Evangel prepare you for life after graduation?

 When I was a student at the University, I thought taking personality tests were a waste of time but they have helped me quite a bit. The D.I.S.C and the Strengths Finder assessment has helped me to build on my strengths. Through this process, I remember being introduced to the S.P.S.S statistics software which was my first experience with data mining.

What advice would you give a current student preparing for the workforce?

 The ability to adapt to the environment, market or the field of your choice is key. Technology has the ability to impact an organizations structure fairly quickly, so adapting and remaining relevant will help you to stay ahead. For current students, you may hear this a lot, but after graduation, you will become a life learner.

 What would you look for if you were in a position to hire new graduates from Evangel?

 I would look for an individual who is hardworking and willing to learn the job functions; an individual who displays strong interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to effectively communicate with others. Someone with the ability to work well with others while producing and fostering a winning environment.