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Things to know before you arrive for EU Launch

Welcome to Evangel! As you get ready to start your college career, here are some ways you can get the most out of EU Launch, our new student orientation that starts tomorrow morning!

See the Campus

Evangel’s campus may be small, but there so much to see!

Be sure to tag along during a campus tour to see exactly what Evangel looks like and where everything is. Once classes start, you’ll be glad to know where you’re heading every day!

Between the beautiful campus clock tower located on the quad, the amazing chapel and the awesome Coryell Field, you’ll feel more at home after being on campus for a few days.

Connecting with Other Students

Photo from Evangel archives
Students enjoy Pineapple Whip on the campus quad during the 2016 EU Launch.

EU Launch is the perfect opportunity to meet other students who are going through the same thing as you: navigating their first college experience!

There are several opportunities to get to know other Evangel students: Worship on the Lawn, the Luau, in your Launch groups, under the fireworks at IgNight… So strike up a conversation. Sit down with someone you don’t know during meals, find a new group during the planned events, and really engage with your launch group.

College is all about making friends and memories. Make the most of your EU Launch experience and meet as many people as you can, see the campus and make a difference in your community!

Meet the Faculty

During EU Launch, you’ll have the opportunity to meet various faculty members from your department.

Take this time as a chance to introduce yourself and to learn about your future professors outside of the classroom. There’s a good chance you’ll be spending a large amount of time with them, so make a good first impression!

Walk up, say hi, and initiate a meaningful or fun conversation to let them know who you are. This is a great time to break the ice and see how your classroom experience will look over the next few years. So, take advantage of it!

Community Engagement

Photo from Evangel archives
Student leaders help unpack at the start of EU Launch in 2016.

You’ll also have the opportunity to support the Springfield community through ministries like Convoy of Hope – and one of their implementing partners, Elevate Lives ministries – and other community service projects.

By helping out, you’ll be able to impact lives across the city that you’ll be calling home. You may have the opportunity to help in the Convoy warehouse, or reach out to people in local impoverished neighborhoods through projects at churches, schools and community centers.

Community outreach is one of the most memorable parts of EU Launch week, and it’s a chance for you to connect with your classmates, and your community, in a meaningful way.