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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Wave Nunnally

Name: Dr. Wave Nunnally

Current Position: Professor of Early Judaism and Christian Origins

Courses Taught: I teach general education and specialized courses in the Department of Theology, advise students, participate in various committees on campus, and instruct the Israel/Jordan/Egypt Study Trip Program.

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Tell us about your career and what you do now.

My job is the dream job where my passion and hobby have become my profession. As Professor of Early Judaism and Christian Origins, I get to teach classes like Jewish Backgrounds of the New Testament, Geography of Israel, Intertestamental History and Literature, Synoptic Gospels, and Book of Acts. I also do a lot of writing, speaking, preaching, and teaching on Israel that applies early Jewish history, literature, geography, and archeology to the Gospels and Acts.

What is your favorite memory as faculty at EU/AGTS?

When I came to the campus of EU in 2002, its culture and emphasis on free inquiry and excellence made me feel like I was in heaven. Even after 16 years, in some respects, I still feel like I’m somewhat in the “honeymoon stage.”

How do you help your students identify/develop their calling?

In every class, I emphasize that everyone has a calling, and in fact, callings—plural. I demonstrate this from the Scriptures and then flesh this out by affirming that God calls people to represent Him in the business field, in medical care, in education, and in every walk of life as priests and priestesses of the Most High God. The neat thing is this: at EU, I am not the exception to the rule. This is a major emphasis across the campus, and one of the reasons I still feel so “at home” here.

How do you try to prepare them for life after graduation?

In the classes I teach, the questions “What’s next?” and “How does this apply to life?” are always right around the corner. Students anticipate the “So what?” even before I ask it. I also tell lots of stories about people I’ve encountered out there in various vocations, as well as my own stories from when I was a lineman, dock worker, etc.

What advice would you give a current student preparing for the workforce?

This one is easy because it comes straight from the Word and from the culture at EU: be a person of excellence and a person of integrity, and the world will beat a path to your door. Accept nothing less than excellence in your professional/career/technical preparation and in your own personal spiritual development. Your excellent attitude and performance will then build an effective platform that will enhance rather than detract from your verbal witness. When these are in sync, you are the most effective and fulfilled witness you can be.

What would you look for if you were in a position to hire new graduates from EU/AGTS?

I’d be looking for self-starters, critical thinkers, people committed to excellence in every area of life. I’d be looking for individuals who have the attitude of servants, who put others first, and who naturally rise to the top, becoming examples for everyone else in the pack to follow.