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I <3 My Dorm: Giving back to your college home

Ask yourself, what did your dorm mean to you?

No matter what dorm you lived in, you made memories there. All of those nights spent studying or talking with friends made an impact.

Your dorm room is where you worried about your next exam, papers scattered around with textbooks stacked on your desk.

Do you remember what your dorm looked like as you moved in your freshman year? Soft, carpeted floors covered the floors of the lobby, with comfy couches that were perfect for dorm-floor devotions. Your small dorm room was just big enough to house what you and your roommate’s beds and desks.

Though it was strange at first, your dorm quickly became your home. If you remember all of the amazing times spent in your dorm, you now have an opportunity to give back and help renovate our dorms for future students to remember.

What is I <3 My Dorms?

The I <3 My Dorms campaign is a way for your to relive those amazing memories by giving back to your college homes.

Your donation will help provide funding to update the flooring on the main levels of each dorm building.

Going further, your gift will give a chance to give back just a small amount of what your dorm gave you to benefit our current and future students.

All of those memories created in your dorm means as much to our students now as it did back then, and your gift can help keep that going for several more years.

How can you give?

Giving is easy! You can visit our I <3 My Dorms page on the university website and follow the steps there. That’s it!