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Leadership isn't everything: Tell your story on when applying

When it comes to college applications, it seems that everyone wants to see some form of leadership listed.
While leadership is definitely important, there are other qualities that universities look at when you send in your application. There is a story behind each application, and yours is no different.

Your story could be that you’ve met setbacks in the classroom, but your determination to succeed pushed you to stay up every night until midnight just to have those A’s and B’s.
Or maybe you’re the student who walks through the halls of your school, greeting everyone with a smile. Your calling lies in helping others realize their success and pushing them toward their own calling in whatever way you can offer.

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Your story is what matters. Universities are looking for people who bring unique perspectives into the classroom and are constantly looking for ways to continue learning. They are seeking out people who want to collaborate with other students and are willing to be pushed toward success.

When it comes time to fill out your application, don’t feel weird for not adding a history of leadership. Universities look at your grades first, and then what you have done to give back to your community or ways you have pushed yourself to succeed.

So, make sure you have solid letters of recommendation and that your story shines through on your college essay. Let the university know about your calling and passion. Just let them get to know you.

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