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A minor decision: Why should I get a minor?

You’ve done it: you’ve decided on a university!
While that’s super exciting, you still have the decision of deciding what to study. For most, you know your major as you enter your freshman year. Even if it isn’t clear, you still decide one quickly. It is the only way to get a degree, right?
But, have you considered getting a minor?
There are tons of reasons why everyone should minor in something. Getting a minor allows you to grow in your calling. It also prepares you for a wider variety of experiences after graduating.
So, why should you get a minor?

1 – To get the most out of your college experience

You’re going to spend four years here, so make the most of it! Take the opportunity to explore areas outside of your major to broaden your scope and learn as much as you can.
A minor doesn’t take much effort outside of your major. So, pick something you’re passionate about and jump in.

2 – It could lead to a second major

For the dreamers and overachievers, a minor could open the path to getting another degree.
Once you start classes within your minor, it could become something that you want to learn more about. Plus, if you decide to work on a second degree, you’ll have the foundation set to make your last few years easier.

3 – It could get you a job

Employers are looking for people who go above and beyond. If you take the extra time to earn a minor, then you’re already ahead.
Also, it will show a potential employer that you’re willing to learn as much as you can and that you’re willing to put in the time to be the best version of yourself.
A bit of time spent now is what could set you up for success as you sit across the table for your job interview.