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Schedule Building 101: Putting together the perfect class schedule

You only have a few more days to add/drop classes, and you may be thinking: “I’m not so sure about this class…”

It’s totally okay, everyone feels like they need to change their schedule at some point. If you’re thinking about switching it up, here are a few tips to consider before jumping in.

Look at your course requirements

Be sure to check out your major’s course requirements before changing your schedule. These are classes you NEED in order to get that coveted degree.

Think about the next four years, and how your classes work into it. Several classes will have prerequisites, so those need to be taken care of first. (Also, don’t forget those Gen-Ed requirements!)

The last thing you want is to get to your senior year and be overloaded with your required classes because they weren’t taken early on. Stay on track by looking at your course catalog and by writing out what classes you need – either on a spreadsheet or in a journal!

Look at your time commitment

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Building a schedule is easy once you sit down and chart it out!

Sit down and write out all of the commitments you have made this semester. Are you working a part- of full-time job? Are you an athlete? Mark down your practice and workout schedules. If you’re involved in a club or organization, chart out your meeting times and events.

Once you’ve done all of that, evaluate the time you have. Academics should always come first, but make sure you aren’t overworking yourself. If you can only take 12 hours this semester due to other obligations, then do it! If you’re able to take 18 hours this semester, go for it!

You know how much you can handle, so take the number of credits that you can manage. You want to do well in your classes, so set up your schedule to allow plenty of study time to get those A’s!

Have a backup plan (or three…)

Here’s the deal: you may not get the perfect schedule. Especially for incoming freshmen, you’ll probably get to your registration, and realize all of your class options are full!

So, be prepared and have at least one backup plan in place if you can’t get into the classes you really want. Having two or three different options will make it a lot easier once it’s time to register.

This allows for you to easily flip your schedule around, without much stress or worry.

Just remember that registering is easy if you’re prepared and know what you are looking for. Keep a journal or a spreadsheet handy to stay organized, and you’ll be ready to adapt your schedule!