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Stay Safe! Four things to know about campus safety

While Evangel is definitely a safe campus, there are always ways to ensure that you are as safe as possible.

It’s important to remember that safety goes beyond keeping your belongings locked away. Knowing what to do in severe weather and maneuvering around campus can also factor into your safety. So, here are four things to do to stay as safe as possible!

Become familiar with Public Safety

One of the easiest ways to stay safe on campus is to know the Office of Public Safety. Their entire job is to make sure that everyone on campus stays safe.

Make sure to know at least one person in the public safety office, because they will be able to serve as a contact point if you have questions or need help.

Also, be sure to look at their page on the university website to read about procedures and safety documents! Or, you can follow their Facebook page for articles and timely warnings!

Lock it up!

Be sure that you always lock up after yourself. When you leave your dorm room or get out of your car, make sure that everything is locked so there is less reason for you to worry.

You might also consider buying a lockbox to keep in your room. You can use it to store any extra money you have, important documents or anything else you think is valuable! Just remember to store your lockbox in a safe place.

Be familiar with campus

As you explore campus and get familiar with how everything is laid out, you’ll begin to feel more comfortable in several ways.

Make sure that you know you’re way around campus, so that you know what to do during an emergency like severe weather. The Office of Public Safety will issue alerts on what to do during bad weather, but you’ll need to know where to go!

No matter what, knowing your way around campus will help you feel safer and more at home.

Have an emergency contact

This is one of the most important things, no matter where you are. Always have an emergency contact that you trust.

This person can be a parent, a trusted friend or even your roommate. Just have someone in mind in case you ever need it!

Also, don’t just keep their contact info stored in your phone. Be sure to have it written down somewhere accessible in case your phone dies or is not nearby, or have the number stored away in your memory banks.

Remember, safety isn’t just about making sure everything is locked up. Keep track of potentially dangerous situations, and make sure you’re prepared!