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Student Spotlight: Maurice Downey

Name: Maurice Downey

Hometown: Springfield, Missouri

Program: Education

Graduation year: May 2020

Future career plans: Elementary school teacher


Why did you choose Evangel? What brought you here?

I transferred to Evangel from another university because I needed to be closer to home. My focus was not in the right place, so I truly believe that God brought me to Evangel so that I could focus and be successful!

What do you find most exciting/most fulfilling about the degree you’re currently pursuing?

The most exciting thing to me about pursuing a degree in Elementary Education is the opportunity I have to be a positive role model for kids (like me) who don’t always get that in their home lives.

Why would you recommend it to someone else?

I would recommend this degree to anyone who enjoys working with younger children because of the impact that elementary teachers are able to have on their students. Working with young students is definitely something you have to have a passion for!

How has Evangel prepared you or helped you so far?

Evangel has played a huge role in my path to becoming a teacher. There are so many positive role models in the Education Department that meet you where you are and take you to the next level! I am so blessed to be in this program and I believe that it will show when I become a professional educator.

Do you have a specific testimony or story of how God has really shown up for you or made Himself known to you during your time at EU so far?

Since coming to Evangel I have started attending church regularly, started Bible studies with my friends, and have grown closer to God. I have not only been prepared for my professional career, but have also seen major growth on a spiritual level. I now feel completely comfortable praying openly and having conversations with God. I am a different person than I was when I first came to Evangel, and I attribute that to the amazing professors and coaches who have helped me along the way.