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Ten Things Unique to Evangel: Part 1

Harvest Fest/Spring Fling 

Students dressed up for Spring Fling, Fall 2014

Harvest Fest and Spring Fling are virtually the same event, Harvest Fest just takes place in the Fall semester while Spring Fling takes place in the Spring. These two events are Activities Board’s biggest events of the year. They plan and decide on a theme, such as Showcased: A Night at the Museum or Villains: It’s Good to Be Bad. From there, individuals or groups will decide on a costume that applies to the theme of that semester’s event. Then the night of the event, everyone gathers together for a night of skits, videos, music, and of course, a costume contest. There are three categories to the costume contest: individual, couple, and group. The best part is that the costume contest winners are decided by the audience! Scattered throughout the venue, there are themed décor pieces, allowing the attendees to truly embrace whatever character their costume might portray. Harvest Fest and Spring Fling are two of the best events that Evangel has to offer, and it would be a shame if you didn’t experience at least one of these during your time on campus.


Mr. EU 

2015 Mr. EU contestants showcasing their group dance

Mr. EU is Evangel’s equivalent of a male beauty pageant. It’s a night where students gather in Spence Chapel and watch male contestants from each hall compete for the title of Mr. EU. To earn this title, contestants show off their dancing skills in a (choreographed) group dance, showcase what makes them unique in the talent round, and demonstrate their quick minds in the question round. Cuts made by a panel of judges after each round until the final round where the students become the judges and vote on who they want to be the next Mr. EU. Mr. EU is guaranteed to always be a night full of guys awkwardly dancing, some very unique talents, and a whole lot of laughs.  




Students hanging out and studying right beside the Fishbowl

What came to mind when you read ‘fishbowl’? Well, hopefully you thought of the place that fish call home, but I want to explain to you what the Evangel fishbowl is. The Evangel fishbowl is that awkward place between the wonderful outside world and the comfort of your residence hall. The Evangel fishbowl is the enclosed space that everyone must go through in order to scan your prox card to get inside the dorm. It’s called the fishbowl because of its all glass windows that allow any insiders to see you no matter where they stand in the lobby. Much like an actual fishbowl, there’s really nowhere to hide in the Evangel fishbowl. And since your prox can only get you into your dorm, it’s always a fun time when you visit a friend’s dorm, but have to wait in the fishbowl until your friend can let you in. But don’t worry! If the thought of the fishbowl gives you anxiety, each dorm has a back door that doesn’t have a fishbowl! 


 DVD Bingo 

BINGO! Students gathered in the dining hall playing bingo for DVD’s and various other prizes

DVD Bingo is such a cool event that Activities Board puts on once a semester, usually near the end of each. This event takes place in the dining hall and simply put, it’s bingo with DVD’s (among other things) as prizes! It’s usually highly encouraged, if you’re going to attend DVD Bingo, to wear pajamas and just come for a fun and relaxing event. Not to mention that they serve breakfast! What’s not to love? Bingo, DVD’s, pajamas, AND breakfast – sounds like the most perfect evening! Because DVD Bingo usually takes place closer to the end of each semester, it’s a great way to destress from finals and take a break from all the craziness that ensues around that time. 


Dr. Taylor 

Three students and Dr. Taylor trying to take a “serious” photo after having coffee and conversation

Where to begin? Dr. Carol Taylor is Evangel’s fearless leader. She came to Evangel and began her role as it’s President in July of 2013. Dr. Taylor has an incredible passion not only for Christian higher education, but for the students here at Evangel University. She loves taking time to talk with students over a cup of coffee, exchanging stories and hearing how God has called them. Dr. Taylor has some of the best stories and is an incredible story teller – these two things combined make for great conversations. Combined with her sense of humor, her passion for Christian higher education, and her drive to see students embrace their God-given call create for an amazing leader that Evangel University is incredibly grateful to have. So, whether you call her Dr. Taylor, President Taylor, President Dr. Carol Taylor, P.T., or my personal favorite, Queen T, there’s no doubt that Dr. Taylor has a call on her life for the students and vision of the Evangel University community.