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This Is Not Your Typical College Packing List

There are lists upon lists upon lists all over the interwebs telling you what to pack for college. This is a list of things you might not find on those other lists. Things that come in reeeealllly handy on move in day, and as you learn to live on your own in your new home away from home.

Read on, and come prepared.


plastic-fork-1424746-640x480Disposable dishes

Evangel has a stellar cafeteria, a grab-and-go snack bar, and a Starbucks café – plenty of options for foraging when you’ve got the time, or you feel like being social. But what about those times when you just want a snack without having to leave your room?  EU allows coffee pots, microwaves and mini-fridges inside dorm rooms, so you could totally prepare a meal without leaving your room (this is especially helpful when #EUFinalsWeek rolls around each semester). Make sure you can eat that meal – bring some cups, plates and silverware.


flashlight-1416378-638x425A dorm room tool kit

Going away to college (even if it’s only a few miles) is one of the most important exercises of independence in a young adult’s life. However, nothing can crush that independent feeling like realizing you have to call someone else to fix a simple loose screw or change out a lightbulb.  We suggest bringing a toolkit with you when you move in.  You can fill it with whatever you need to maintain your room.  We suggest  a couple of appropriate lightbulbs, a hot glue gun, a screwdriver that can change from flat to Phillips, and a flashlight. Because sometimes, you just need a flashlight.


www.thegreenhead.comA doorstop

Living in the dorms gives you the opportunity to get to know a wealth of new and interesting people simply by being at “home”. There’s a HUGE hall pride factor on campus, and students come to identify themselves by the location of their room (S2S, for example, would be Scott, 2nd floor, south). We’d encourage you to bring a doorstop with you, and keep your door propped open for a couple of hours each day as you and your floormates get to know each other. It lets folks know you’re excited to build new relationships.



Now that we’ve talked about how important it is to be social… We know that there will be times that you just need some alone time. Also, residence halls can be LOUD. When you want some peace and quiet, or a nap in the middle of peak social time, pop in some ear plugs and relax.  Good headphones will also fit the bill here (and they give people a visual cue that you’re looking for some space). Just make it a point to communicate with your roommates (and floormates) – part of learning to live together is learning to recognize the others’ social needs.


teddy-1418744-639x424A teddy bear

This doesn’t have to be a literal teddy bear – though it totally can. But what we mean here is that you should bring something comforting and sentimental from home to help you get through the ups and downs of college life. You’ll probably be missing home the most in the first couple of weeks, but life as an independent adult can be stressful. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed of needing some comfort from home. Even the adultiest of adults need a teddy bear hug sometimes.