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Stay Strong! Three tips on tackling the final stretch

You’ve gotten through midterms, took some time to refocus over fall break and are ready to tackle the final stretch through finals. Here are some tips to help get you through to the other side.

Keep a Planner

Using a planner will help keep you organized and aware of upcoming deadlines. Set timelines for yourself that are more manageable. If you have a 12-page research paper due at the end of the semester, try breaking it down to a few pages per week to lighten the load, and still get everything done.

The important thing is to set timelines and stick to them. If something comes up that bumps your deadline back, be flexible. Just try to stay on top of those timelines as much as you can!

Take Breaks

Set a timer to work on homework or study for 30 minutes at a time. Turn your phone over so it’s not a distraction, and spend those 30 minutes as a solid focus time.

When the 30 minutes are up, take 10 minutes to stand up and stretch, walk around the room or check your texts. Set a timer to make sure you stay exactly at 10 minutes! This will help reset your brain and process the information you’ve been looking at.

Create Incentives

If you have a large workload this week, create an incentive to help get you through. Get a group of friends together to have study sessions, and plan to go out Friday to celebrate.

Or you could do something simple. Finished your math homework? Treat yourself to your favorite Starbucks coffee. Aced that lit exam? Get some Andy’s frozen custard. Rewarding yourself with creating a greater incentive to continue good study habits.

No matter what you have on your plate this semester, creating a solid strategy is necessary to make sure you get through with your grades in tact. Stay organized, take plenty of breaks and don’t forget to treat yo’self.