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Evangel University Club Sports

Over the next two years, Evangel will begin offering club sports in addition to NAIA athletic sports teams!

The goal of EU’s club sports is to supplement its robust varsity teams with less-traditional athletic activities.

The initial club sport offerings include:

  • Bass Fishing (2022-23)
  • Beach Volleyball (Spring 2023)
  • Bowling (Spring 2023)
  • CrossFit (2022-23)
  • Disc Golf (2022-23)

Additional club sports to come over the next two years include:

  • Archery
  • Axe Throwing
  • Cornhole
  • Men’s Volleyball
  • Shotgun
  • Spikeball
  • Three on Three Basketball


What is a club sport?

A club sport is an organization whose sole purpose is to serve as an alternative to varsity and intramural sports. The club is a group of students who share a love for a particular sport but want to be more competitive than intramurals. 

Who can compete in club sports?

Any current graduate or undergraduate student may be a part of a club, but they cannot be on a varsity roster.

What tournaments do clubs participate in?

Each club’s activity level is different. Some clubs will participate in tournaments at regional or national levels, while others will only hold recreational games against surrounding schools.

Where do clubs usually practice?

Every club practice varies. Fields and space are limited, so it is imperative that club sports coordinate with intramurals and other clubs to reserve practice and game space.

Evangel Club Sport Teams


The Evangel Archery Club is a shooting club for members of the university community. There are open practices two nights per week at local indoor and outdoor ranges. Members compete in tournaments throughout the Midwest and are coached each week.

Bass Fishing

The purpose of the Bass Fishing Club is to allow students to develop their fishing skills through competitions within and outside of the club against other universities on lakes around the Midwest. The club fishes three to four tournaments each semester.

Coach/Advisor: Brayden Rakes

Beach Volleyball

The Beach Volleyball Club team competes in open tournaments throughout the year. There are joint team (men’s and women’s) practices twice weekly through the school year.


The Bowling Club will practice and compete at local bowling lanes in Springfield and in open tournaments with other collegiate bowl club sport teams throughout the year.


The Cornhole Club will practice on campus and compete in open tournaments in both singles and doubles categories throughout the year. The club will work on pitching skills and accuracy.


The Evangel CrossFit Club creates a stronger, faster and healthier community. This club facilitates the exchange of knowledge between people of all fitness backgrounds and experience. The goal is for all members to achieve their highest standards. Whether running a better 5K, learning Olympic lifts, or getting in shape, this club is here to help!

Disc Golf

The purpose of the Disc Golf Club is to offer a competitive yet social environment for talented, passionate, and avid disc golfers. There are approximately three to four tournaments throughout the Midwest each semester. Practice is Wednesday and Thursday on the Evangel campus and local courses.


The Evangel Shotgun Club is a competitive shooting team that enters competitions where participants shoot trap, skeet, sporting clays, and variations of each event. The club competes against other collegiate teams around the Midwest.


Spikeball is a unique game that combines the swing of volleyball with the coordination of handball. When playing, there are teams of two, both of whom use great teamwork and individual skill to achieve victory. The goal of this organization is to bring together students from all over campus to provide an opportunity to play Spikeball both with their peers from Evangel and from other schools throughout the Midwest.

Three-on-Three Basketball

Evangel’s Three-on-Three Basketball Club (men and women) competes in tournaments against other collegiate teams throughout the Midwest during the school year. The club leads and organizes team practices, tournaments, and extracurricular events.

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