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Dr. Ivan Satyavrata, Ph.D.


Dr. Satyavrata serves as pastor of the Buntain Memorial Church in Kolkata, India. He also serves as the chairman of Kolkata Mission of Mercy. This organization, founded by Rev. Mark Buntain, includes a hospital and medical services as well as a school system for thousands of students.

Nearly 20,000 children a day receive meals and basic care through the auspices of this mission. Previous to assuming his current role in 2007, he served as president of Southern Asia Bible College in Bangalore, India. He plays an active role in evangelical theological education in India as Chairman of the Asia Theological Association in India, and exercises wider influence as Executive Director of the Euro-Asian Theological Association (EATA).

He serves on the governing or executive bodies of Union Biblical Seminary, South Asia Institute for Advanced Christian Studies, The Association for Theological Education by Extension (TAFTEE), and Oxford Centre for Mission Studies. He is also the chairman of the board of Southern Asia Bible College.