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Fire Dept. & EU football respond to ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge”

Published on Aug 21, 2014 by Evangel University News

VIDEO (1 min.):

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The Evangel University football team was called out on Tuesday, Aug. 19, in the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge.”

One day later, the Crusaders meet the challenge with the help of the Springfield Fire Department.

Following a hot afternoon practice, Coach Brenton Illum was doused with two large ice buckets, and then the team was “iced down” by one of Springfield’s finest fire trucks, thanks to Fire Chief David Hall.

And like the Evangel administrators who took the “Ice Bucket Challenge” the day before, Illum and his coaching staff will also be making a donation to the ALS Foundation.

Illum issued a challenge and congratulations to the brand new football team at our sister college, Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida.

“This is their first season of participating in football, and their head coach, Keith Barefield, is one of our former coaches,” said Illum. “In fact, he was the very first fullback, on Evangel’s first football team, back in 1977.”

The Southeastern University Fire have 24 hours to respond to the ALS challenge.


On Tuesday, Aug. 19, Evangel’s President Carol Taylor met her challenge from Springfield Police Chief Paul Williams by having her entire cabinet get iced AND also make donations to ALS.

The last administrator in the line of Dr. Taylor’s challenges was Dr. Michael Kolstad, vice president for university advancement. He surprised everyone by challenging Evangel’s long-time spokesman Paul K. Logsdon.

Before Logsdon was hit with that last bucket of ice water, however, he issued a challenge to the EU Football team, as a way of thanking them for their participation.

The Evangel football team, volleyball team, cheer leading squad and marching band were on hand Tuesday to help with the fun.

According to the ALS Foundation, “As of Wednesday, August 20, The ALS Association has received $31.5 million in donations compared to $1.9 million during the same time period last year (July 29 to August 20). These donations have come from existing donors and 637,527 new donors to The Association.”


1) Springfield’s Chief of Police, Paul Williams, was challenged on the morning news, Monday, Aug. 18, by Evangel University graduate and KY3 (NBC-TV) weatherman Brandon Beck.

2) Late Monday afternoon, Chief Williams responded with a challenge to the presidents of the four Springfield colleges.

3) Dr. Taylor immediately replied yes, and started planning on ways to make this a fun event for the Evangel University campus.


HISTORY OF ICE CHALLENGE: Here is a video story about how the ice bucket challenge got started.

EU VIDEO BY: University Marketing, Video Production Team