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Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies

The Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies (MAIS) degree at AGTS is a missions-focused program designed to provide students with learning experiences that deepen their knowledge of God’s mission in the earth. Students will sharpen their skills in biblical and cultural exegesis. The program also offers learning experiences that holistically inform and transform intercultural leadership. The AGTS MAIS thus provides the biblical and practical competencies needed for ministry in an increasingly complex and pluralistic world.

The MAIS degree requires 48 credits of study. The MAIS can be completed by any student regardless of the field of their undergraduate degree. Students with a strong undergraduate background in religion who have successfully completed introductory courses in Bible, Theology, and Ministry may receive advanced standing up to 9 credit hours in their programs. No more than 24 credits can be transferred into the MAIS program. There is a 10-year time limit on program completion, including transfer credit. See AGTS Catalog for more information.

The competencies and skills acquired in this program serve any ministry that engages people from multiple cultures or socio-economic levels including missionaries, church planters, pastors, church executives, chaplains, educators and evangelists.

Curriculum Overview

Program Section Credits
Mission of God & World Christianity 9
Bible & Theology 12
Missions 9
Electives 12
Theological Research & Writing 3
Field Education Research Project or Intercultural Practicum 3

(See AGTS Catalog for specific courses)


There are no required concentrations in the AGTS MAIS program. Students may choose whichever electives courses they wish to take. However, there are four concentrations that students often choose (see AGTS Catalog for specific courses in each concentration):

  • Global Missions
  • Intercultural Studies
  • Islamic Studies
  • Member Care

Course Delivery Options

The AGTS MAIS courses are offered in three types of learning experiences:

  • Residential Courses
    • Offered in seated learning experiences on a weekly basis at the main campus. There are also week-long seated modules offered each semester.
  • Hybrid Courses:
    • Offered through a live video-conference connection to all residential (seated) courses noted above.
  • Online Courses:
    • Offered fully online with no seated classroom or video conference connection required.
    • (NOTE: Some online faculty utilize live video-conference sessions with students throughout the semester).
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