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Master of Theology: Biblical Interpretation and Theology

The Th.M. program is designed for the student to advance his or her knowledge of a major field of theological research, particularly through the acquisition of, and practice in, the methods and tools of theological research. The student will advance his or her preparation for pastoral ministry, teaching ministry, or for more advanced graduate study.

The Th.M. program emphasizes the integration of, and reciprocal influence of, hermeneutics, exegesis, biblical theology and systematic theology. Th.M. students study in the modular courses of the Ph.D. in Biblical Interpretation and Theology.

The Th.M. degree requires 32 credits of study. The program can be completed by any student who holds the Master of Divinity degree, or first graduate theological degree providing equivalent theological background (including the requisite biblical languages). Other Master’s-level (MA, MATS, MACM, MAR, etc.) degrees will be considered if the student can demonstrate aptitude for advanced study. See AGTS Catalog for more information.

Curriculum Overview

Program Section Credits
Core Seminars 20
Readings Courses 4
Comprehensive Exams
Electives or Thesis 8

(See AGTS Catalog for specific courses)


There are three concentrations in the AGTS ThM BTH program:

  • New Testament Interpretation and Biblical Theology
  • Old Testament Interpretation and Biblical Theology
  • Biblical Interpretation and Systematic Theology

Course Delivery Options

The AGTS ThM BTH courses are offered in seated one-week modular learning experiences in February, June (1st full two weeks), and October at the main campus.



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