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Our Spanish degree will prepare you for graduate studies in Spanish language or literature or provide opportunities for travel abroad sessions.

Our team of experienced instructors will provide you with the training and practical teaching needed to excel in a number of career opportunities that require a fluency in the Spanish language.

You will gain a foundational understanding of elementary Spanish, intermediate Spanish, Spanish composition, and Spanish conversation.

In today’s multicultural world, the ability to speak a second language is a valuable professional asset. Gain the training you need through our Spanish degree program.

Major: Immerse yourself in the language through travel to Spanish-speaking countries, internships, and/or literature courses that strengthen fluency.

Minors: Gain a foundational understanding of the Spanish language to enhance your career opportunities.

Concentrations: Learn the intricacies of the Spanish language to further your career or conduct business on a global scale.

Career Opportunities

Evangel's academic programs are designed specifically to prepare you for a career in the real world. But it's more than just job preparation; it's preparing you to make a full impact in your profession through the unique combination of faith and learning. Here are some of the professions this degree would prepare you for:
  • Translator
  • Editor
  • Missionary
  • Pastor
  • International business consultant
  • Marketing specialist
  • Print journalist
  • Broadcaster
  • Police officer
  • Medical doctor
(In most of these cases, preparation in another academic discipline is also required.)


Regular Faculty

Dara Brannan, M.S.

Assistant Professor of English; The Write Place Director

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