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EU Advocates

EUA Evangel University Advocates

A Message from the EUA President:

We would like to invite you to join the Evangel University Advocates! Why? Let me delineate the reasons below:

1. EUA has a long history of prayer and support for Evangel. More than ever, in today’s world, Christian higher education needs supporters who understand how important it is to prepare students in a Christian environment and send out ambassadors of the gospel into professions and callings of all types!

2. Through projects, fund raisers, and communications, EUA has endeavored to make Evangel more visible to the community and world.

3. EUA provides scholarships for deserving students who may not otherwise be able to attend Evangel.

4. Each year, EUA approves grants that fund projects to meet department needs. Through these grants, we team with the departments to build stronger academic preparation which makes our graduates more competitive academically.

5. Our meetings provide the opportunity to fellowship, or virtually communicate, with others who believe in Evangel’s mission!
Membership dues are just $20 a year, and help provide funds to keep our organization running. Let us know if you need any other information! God bless you!

Dr. Becky Huechteman, EU professor emeritus and Evangel alum

Since 1955, the Evangel Advocates (formerly the EU Auxiliary) have been providing prayer support and fundraising for special projects to the university. The Brick Paver Project  is the current fundraising effort of EUA.

From the beginning, the Advocates have operated with specific purposes in mind:

  • Promote higher education for youth in a Christian atmosphere, thus endeavoring to preserve high moral and spiritual standards.
  • Pray for the students, staff, faculty and administration of the University.
  • Provide financial support through scholarships and fund-raising in order to underwrite various projects needed by the University.

At its highest point, the Advocates had nearly 1,000 members nationwide with chapters in many cities across the country. In 1999, the Evangel College Council and the Evangel Ladies Auxiliary merged into a new, broader organization: Family and Friends of Evangel University. Springfield members continued with a local Advocates group, numbering more than 150 women.

The EU Advocates has been well-known within the community for its crafts and bake sales as well as the annual colossal yard sale at the end of each academic year. Other fund-raising projects have included the sale of fruitcakes, pecans, stationery products and cutlery. The goal has always been to raise money to finance University projects.

One of the Advocate’s most meaningful methods of support has been prayer. Anne Spence, wife of former President Robert H. Spence, started a prayer ministry that continues today. This group prays for needs of the University’s administration, faculty, and staff; needs of individual students; and needs shared by alumni, family, and friends of Evangel.

For more information about the Advocates, contact Diane Sederwall at or 217.556.5447.

Anne Spence Heritage Room Renovations

The Anne Spence Heritage Room welcomes many of the university’s visitors to campus as they enter Riggs Administration Building.

In planning for the administration building, the Advocates donated $100,000 for the creation of the Heritage Room. This room documents and highlights the history and traditions of the University and its historical major fund-raising groups: The Evangel College Council and the Evangel Ladies Auxiliary.

The room underwent an extensive renovation in 2011-12, which included new flooring and decor and a custom fireplace and mantle. The Advocates gave $46,000 toward the cost of these updates.

The Heritage Room was dedicated to Anne Spence, wife of former EU President Robert Spence, in 2014 as part of the festivities to commemorate Dr. Spence’s retirement. Anne served the Advocates as executive vice president throughout her husband’s tenure as University president.

Campus tours typically begin in the Heritage Room and the space is also used for special events throughout the year.

Fine Arts Projects

The Advocates have been active supporters of fine arts at Evangel. Funds have been provided for the Spence Chapel stage as well as the Barnett Fine Arts rehearsal rooms.

The Robert H. Spence Chapel, completed in 1981, is equipped with a Schantz pipe organ that was purchased and installed after the Advocates raised more than $150,000. Prior to the installation of the pipe organ, the group purchased a Bosendorfer concert grand piano for the stage.

Later, a Steinway grand piano was purchased for music students and faculty.

Following the formation of a marching band, the Advocates purchased all of the band uniforms.

The Advocates also purchased theatrical curtains for the drama theatre located in the Barnett Fine Arts Building. Earlier, the group financed graphic computers for the art area.

Academics and Campus Life

Other projects funded by the Advocates that have contributed to student life, academics and spiritual life for the Evangel community include:

  • providing thousands of dollars in scholarships since the first Auxiliary scholarship was given in 1960.
  • equipping the on-campus TV station in 1983-86 with necessary equipment and funding a substantial updating of technology for the studio in 2014.
  • providing furnishings and fitness equipment for the Mabee Student Fitness Center, which opened in 1999.
  • donating furniture or equipment for almost every building constructed or renovated during the University’s history.
  • co-sponsoring a financial literacy seminar in cooperation with Phi Beta Lambda/Students in Free Enterprise.
  • contributing $10,000 for organizational stacks in the new library in 1963.
  • funding photocopiers for each academic department.
  • underwriting the cost of equipment for science labs.
  • outfitting the Writing Lab.