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Alumni Advisory Board

Tammy Bowles

Graduation Year: 1982 – Evangel

Major: Art Education

City and State: Granite City, IL

John Davidson

Graduation Year: 2001/2008/2015 – Evangel/AGTS

Major: Bible/Theology/Philosophy

City and State: Springfield, MO

Kyle Groves

Graduation Year: 1989 – Evangel

Major: Communication Studies

City and State: Apple Valley, MN

Terry Hoggard

Graduation Year: 1976 – CBC

Major: Bible

City and State: Nixa, MO

Randy Jumper

Graduation Year: 1998 – CBC/AGTS

Major: Public Relations

City and State: North Little Rock, AR

Bill Kirsch

Graduation Year: 1987 – CBC/AGTS

Major: Biblical Literature

City and State: Springfield, MO

Rick Knoth

Graduation Year: 1982 – CBC/AGTS

Major: Pastoral Counseling

City and State: Springfield, MO

Kristin Kubitschek

Graduation Year: 1993/2008 – Evangel

Major: Sociology/Leadership

City and State: Highlands Ranch, CO

Dana Mason

Graduation Year: 2002 – Evangel

Major: Marketing

City and State: Rogers, AR

Dallas Nash

Graduation Year: 1995 – Evangel

Major: Biology

City and State: Leesburg, VA

Lois Nelson

Graduation Year: 1979 – Evangel

Major: Management

City and State: West Chicago, IL

Amadi Swartz

Graduation Year: 2006 – Evangel

Major: Social Work

City and State: Columbia, MO

Robert Thomas

Graduation Year: 1980 – Evangel

Major: Accounting

City and State: Bartlesville, OK