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10 Invisible Skills EU Graduates Bring to Employers

by Dr. Mike Rakes

  1. Biblical worldview – the ability to see every person as valuable and operate with an ethos of compassion.
  2. Spiritual intelligence – an ability to engage others with civility and model Christian virtues in an often-divided world.
  3. Innovative thinking – the skill to bring practical solutions to complex problems businesses and ministries are facing.
  4. Cohesive cooperation – the capability to enter established businesses and ministries without disrupting the stream of progress while contributing fresh perspectives and ideas daily.
  5. Computational thinking – an ability to quickly consolidate vast amounts of new learning into data-based reasoning and decision-making.
  6. Multidisciplinary adaptability – the ability to offer ideas of renewal and expansion for organizations and ministries by understanding the overlap of many disciplines.
  7. Virtual collaboration – the aptitude to work productively every day and be fully present in any work environment.
  8. Humility – the aptitude to enter a workplace with a selfless mindset, positive and affable energy, and an attitude of kindness.
  9. Coachability – the maturity to acknowledge everyone has limits and to use existing understanding as a foundation for growth.
  10. Servant-leadership – a mentality that brings a “can do,” helpful attitude to work every day.