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Distinctive Department Spotlight: Humanities

Evangel’s Humanities Department continues to expand its departmental reach with hands-on learning, interactive and informational degrees, and driven faculty.

Andrea Land: Iceland Artist Residency

Andrea Land, Evangel’s part-time photography professor, has recently completed an artist residency in Reykjavik, Iceland, where she spent her time photographing the local women.

The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists (SIM) strives to improve opportunities and the interests of artists both locally and internationally. Each month, about nine to fifteen international artists are accepted into the residency and housed in Seljavegur in downtown Reykjavik.

“My experience was an enriching one, collaborating with local creatives, in addition to spending time with artists from Japan, England, Ireland, and other regions of the world,” Land said. “Prior to my journey to Reykjavik, I began research and was inspired by Iceland’s position as the global leader of gender equality. Continuing my investigation of women’s rights, I sought to create photographic portraits of local women and began approaching individuals as I explored the city.  Initial conversations evolved from brief introductions to the engagement with a brilliant group of independent and strong females from diverse backgrounds.”

Intrigued by the expansiveness of the physical elements and architecture of the island – volcanic field, ocean, forest, and moss field – Land spent her days visually investigating the exterior spaces. In addition to research on early political portraiture and Icelandic literary figures, she juxtaposed each individual against the exterior environment, suggesting both a physical and psychological relationship between the two.

“As the artwork continues to evolve, it speaks of the women of Reykjavik, a distinctive collective of females pushing boundaries and challenging societal norms. I hope to return to Iceland and continue the body of portraits, in addition to new work within the east fjords.”

Land has her Masters in Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute and will teach two photography courses this fall at EU: Introduction to Photography and Commercial Photography.

Donated Paintings and Art Supplies

Kathryn Harrison, the mother of Evangel alumnus Tim Harrison, has recently gifted the university with 27 of her own original paintings, many of which have already been hung around the campus by Professor Michael Buesking.

Many of the paintings donated were inspired by specific scripture passages such as Job 14:7, Revelation 12:11, and Matthew 24:32. Kathryn used a few different mediums in her paintings, most commonly oil on either canvas or panel, and acrylic on canvas or Masonite.

In addition to the paintings, Kathryn Harrison also donated art supplies to the department.

Art Degrees at Evangel

Evangel University is home to the state-of-the-art Barnett Fine Arts Center, which opened in 2002.

The Art Education degree at Evangel is designed for students seeking certification to teach art in elementary, junior high, or high school grades. EU’s program meets the Missouri state requirements for certification in Art Education, grades K-12.

Students who desire a well-rounded approach to artistic disciplines may earn a Bachelor of Arts in Art degree. The program requires 45 credits with varied studio opportunities in ceramics, sculpture, drawing, oil and watercolor painting, fibers, and two- and three-dimensional design.

The department also offers a Fine Arts, Graphic Design and a Fine Arts, Studio degree, where students complete 70 art-focused credit hours, with an emphasis on studio work or graphic design. Both tracks combine art history and appreciation courses with practical expertise in various studio areas.

For additional information, visit Evangel’s Humanities Department.

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