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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Martin Mittelstadt

Name:  Martin Mittelstadt

Current Position: Professor of New Testament

Courses Taught: I primarily teach courses in NT (from NTL to NTT). Since I’m passionate about the Bible as story, I take every possible opportunity to teach Luke-Acts. I also love teaching Essential Christianity, Pentecostal Foundations, and Pentecost.

Tell us about your career and what you do now.

I’m in my 18th year at EU. Though my primary role is classroom teaching, I enjoy one-on-one connections with students. I also enjoy writing. Research is a favorite way to spend a day. I am always working on a project, whether a book or essay. Topics typically center around Luke-Acts, Pentecostalism, Anabaptists, and integration of faith and learning. Check out some of my work here.

Other related roles include my responsibility as co-facilitator for the Springfield Pentecostal-Catholic Dialogue, and my recent election for a four-year term to the Society for Pentecostal Studies. I will be VP in 2019, and program chair. Finally, I co-lead a Sunday School class at Evangel Temple, my favorite hour every week! I view all of these opportunities as an opportunity to extend EU beyond our campus.

What is your favorite memory as faculty at EU/AGTS?

Two things. First, I absolutely cherish every opportunity to bring guest speakers to EU. I regularly tell students that they might hear a teacher 30-40 times a semester, but guests provide a once-in-a-life-time opportunity. We’ve had many wonderful guest lecturers – too many to name.

Second, I thoroughly enjoy meeting up with graduates. Though I have up to 200 students a year in my classes, I am able to connect with a small number in a manner that leads to significant contact and ultimately peer friendship down the road. I am always amazed at the contributions our graduates make to the kingdom of God. Their stories encourage me to make every day meaningful!

How do you help your students identify/develop their calling?

It all starts in Essential Christianity! I honestly believe that the unit on calling may be the most important unit we teach at EU. I’m regularly amazed at what God does during our discussions. Some receive clarity and affirmation, others find liberty to explore new possibilities, and every student learns about the primary call simply to follow Jesus. And don’t be fooled, the call to follow Jesus is the most rewarding and demanding call for every Christian.

How do you try to prepare them for life after graduation?

I think everything begins with a life centered on Jesus. I want students to own their faith. I hope a liberal arts education prepares students to adapt, to employ the skills necessary for ongoing life, and professional development. I want our grads to embrace a strong moral center, and take the life of Jesus into the marketplace.

What would you look for if you were in a position to hire new graduates from EU/AGTS?

I’d want prospective employees to remember that they represent their employer and the organization. Beyond the professional skills, and relational characteristics, I trust our grads will be able to wear any company hat, and make the organization proud!