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Looking to Complete an Ed.D.? Why Evangel?

by Dr. Susan Langston, Ed.D. Program Coordinator     

Why Evangel?  What makes this Doctor of Education program unique?  We get these questions a lot, and I love answering them!  First, our program involves all the Evangel traits that support student success while supporting spiritual development. Second, Evangel’s Ed.D. is a bargain. Third, our program is a high-quality, applicable, feet-on-the-ground program where you learn this week and use what you’ve learned next week.

The Unique Evangel Experience

You may be asking, “What’s that all about?  What’s so special about Evangel University?”  Those of us who have experienced Evangel either as a student or staff member intuitively know this answer.  Putting it down in writing is a whole other challenge.  To boil it down for this quick blog, I would say the Evangel experience is student-centered even in an online context.  We believe building a healthy community is essential to developing collaborative leadership skills. 

Additionally, at Evangel, every student counts.  We know that having a sense of belonging and feeling that you matter is one of the most important aspects when navigating any educational experience.  Our faculty and staff get to know you and care about the details of your life.  Evangel is a faith-based institution, and we take that very seriously.  We pray for our students and walk with them through the challenges they face.  Our concern doesn’t stop at graduation. Once you’re part of Evangel, you’re always part of Evangel and always special to us.  

Evangel Is a Bargain!

The Evangel Ed.D. is recognized as one of the most affordable online programs in the country.  We are a private university, but our tuition is on the low-average end of Ed.D. programs and, with our low student fees, is competitive with public schools.  Additionally, in this age of inflation, our tuition has not increased for the past eight years. 

Quality is Our Goal

Our full-time faculty members have many years of experience in public school and university leadership, and our adjunct faculty includes current leaders working on the front lines in schools.  We work with a sense of urgency and understand the challenges educational leaders face.  Your success is our success.  We support your leadership calling and work to help you achieve your goals.  However, our program is not a set of hoops to jump through to get to the next career level.  It is a true learning experience, and we want to help you embrace the learning and enjoy the journey. 

Something I often hear from our students is that they can directly apply their learning to their professional contexts. Our program is project-based, and assignments are geared toward addressing career challenges while encouraging a higher level of leadership skill development.  It’s exciting to see the link between our students’ coursework and changes they effect in schools, school districts, and higher education.

I could go on forever about what makes Evangel unique, but I’m slightly over my 500-word limit. I would love to talk with you and answer specific questions you have.  Feel free to contact me, and we can chat!