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My Springfield Story: Travis Skavhaug

Travis Skavhaug (AGTS ’12)

Current occupation: Tour coordinator and web communication specialist with the Assemblies of God Center for Holy Land Studies


What brought you to Springfield?

We moved to Springfield so my wife could pursue a counseling-related job and so I could begin work at the Assemblies of God national office – first in the Church Multiplication Network and then in the Center for Holy Land Studies where I currently serve.


What prompted you to pursue your degree at AGTS?

I felt strongly that I should pursue an advanced degree after graduating from my undergraduate program. One of my professors at the undergraduate level was an AGTS graduate, and she asked if I had ever considered a seminary degree. Up to that point, I hadn’t considered it, but the Holy Spirit spoke to me through her question, and I then felt God’s call on my life to pursue the next step of my educational journey at AGTS.


What did you find most beneficial about your degree pursuit at AGTS?

God really strengthened my passion and commitment to expository preaching while at AGTS. This style of preaching, whereby you read, study, and apply a portion of scripture, is foundational to my life and my ministry.

I also realized when I began my journey at AGTS that there was so much for me to learn. I developed a quest for knowledge and became a life-long learner through my time at the seminary. The questions asked by my peers and the discussions facilitated by my professors were thought-provoking, challenging, and enriching.

Ultimately, AGTS embodies knowledge on fire. You gain knowledge infused with a Pentecostal perspective and theology that will motive you to deeper Pentecostal living.


How important were the connections and friendships you made while at AGTS?

The friendships I developed while a student at AGTS were invaluable. We share a common experience of working through our courses, learning and growing with each other. I still have connections with people across the country. We struggled together, we celebrated together, and we shared in many collective God moments together. We have a forever bond.