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Transfer Credit Evaluations

Thank you for looking to Evangel University to help you finish what you started. Let’s begin with evaluating how the credits you’ve earned will fit into a degree program at EU. Here are basic guidelines:

  • Evangel will accept credits from any regionally accredited institution.
  • Only non-remedial/non-vocational courses with a letter grade of “C” or better will transfer into Evangel University.
  • Graduate programs are unique and transferability varies by degree program. Contact your admissions counselor for details.
  • Proficiencies earned at other institutions are not accepted.
  • You can transfer up to 64 semester hours of credit from a community or junior college.
  • To earn an Evangel University degree, the last 30 credits of your degree program will need to be completed at Evangel.
  • While we can evaluate unofficial college transcripts to give you an idea of how courses will transfer, official transcripts are required before transfer credit will be awarded.
  • Advanced Placement: Degree credit is awarded to entering freshmen when a grade of 3 or higher is achieved in the Advanced Placement Examination of the Educational Testing Service on subject matter equivalent to a course that Evangel offers. In some academic programs, credits may be awarded differentially for AP scores of 3, 4, and 5. Under this program, no more than 30 credits are awarded to a student.
  • International Baccalaureate: Degree credit is awarded to an entering freshmen if a score of 5 or higher is achieved on the International Baccalaureate examination and a score of 4 or higher is achieved on the International Baccalaureate higher-level examination.
  • CLEP Exams: see information below.

Request a Transfer Evaluation

To learn how your credits may transfer, go to the Transfer Evaluation System (TES).  Keep in mind that not all colleges and courses will be listed, so this database is not comprehensive. We are constantly updating the list, as we evaluate courses from other colleges. Please note that course equivalents and transfer policies are subject to change.

If your college or course is not listed in TES, contact the appropriate admissions counselor for your degree area.

Undergraduate On Campus Programs
Jacob Saatmann

Undergraduate Adult/Online Programs
Undergraduate Online Enrollment Coordinator
Ask how you can earn credit for life experiences through prior learning assessment!

Graduate Programs
Bill Shackelford

Assemblies of God Theological Seminary Programs
Zach Stark

Common Undergraduate Transfer Courses

Evangel’s Course
CompositionENGL 111
Composition IIENGL 211
American History IHIST 111
American History IIHIST 112
American GovernmentSometimes called American Govt/PoliticsGOVT 170
World Civilization/History IHIST 115
World Civilization/History IIHIST 116
Intro to Psychology or General PsychologyPSYC 112
Intro to SociologySOCI 111
Personal FinanceFIN 138
Biological Science or General BiologyBIOL 101
Public Speaking or SpeechCOMM 111
Intro to LiteratureENGL 123
Music Appreciation (sometimes called Music of the World)MUSC 113
College AlgebraMATH 129

CLEP Exams

Credits are granted for scores of 50 or higher on CLEP exams. CLEP credit is given only in areas where college course work has not yet been taken. Students cannot receive double credit by taking the course in addition to the CLEP exam.

There are two divisions of CLEP exams. The General CLEP exams must be taken prior to the completion of 56 college credits. The Subject CLEP exams do not have a credit limitation.

Students wishing to transfer CLEP credit to Evangel must score at the 50th percentile or above, and submit official score(s) to Evangel University.

Please direct questions to Laura Sardo in the Records and Registration office.

General CLEP


Evangel Equivalent

Class Title


College CompositionENGL 111Composition3
HumanitiesHUMN 199Human Elective2
ENGL 123ENGL 123Intro to Literature3
College MathematicsMATH 122Basic Concepts Algebra3
Natural SciencesGSCI 115Physical Science3
BIOL 101BIOL 101Biological Science3
Social Sciences/HistorySOCI 199Sociology Elective3
HIST 111HIST 111American History I3

Subject CLEP


Evangel Equivalent

Class Title


American GovernmentGOVT 170Intro to American Govt3
American LiteratureENGL 199Literature Elective3
Analysis & Interpretation
of Literature*
ENGL 199English Elective3
ENGL 123Intro to Literature3
Calculus with
Elementary Function
MATH 231Calculus I4
College AlgebraMATH 129College Algebra3
College Composition
ENGL 111Composition3
College French Level 1FREN 115, 116Elementary French8
College French Level 1FREN 215, 216Intermediate French6
College Level GermanGRMN 115, 116Elementary German8
College Level Spanish Level 1SPAN 115, 116Elementary Spanish8
College Level Spanish Level 2SPAN 215, 216Intermediate Spanish6
English LiteratureENGL 311English Lit Survey I3
ENGL 301, 302, or 303English Literature Survey I, II, or III3
HumanitiesHUMN 231Introduction to Western Humanities3

International Baccalaureate Program

Evangel University recognizes the rigor of the Geneva-based International Baccalaureate (IB) program of courses and examinations offered globally to high school students and is pleased to reward students for hard work and dedication to academic excellence.

Students who have earned the IB diploma may be awarded credits in the subject areas in which they score four or above on any higher-level examination or in which they score five and above on any standard-level IB examination. Students who successfully complete the IB diploma program may receive fewer than 30 semester credit hours if they have scored lower than four on any IB examination administered as part of the diploma program.

Students who have not been awarded the IB diploma may be awarded semester hour credits in the subject areas for which they score four or above for higher-level and score five or above for standard-level. Additional credits may be earned with higher scores as noted below.

Students who have earned IB credits must submit an original score report to Evangel; copies will not be accepted.

SubjectSL ScoreCourse CreditEU Credit HoursHL ScoreCourse CreditEU Credit Hours
Art History5-7ART 10234-7ART 1023
Biology5-7BIOL 101, 19984-7BIOL 101 & 1998
Business and Management5-7MGMT 235(3)34-5 MGMT 235(3)3
 6-7MGMT 235(3) &MGMT/MRKT elective (3)6
Chemistry5-7CHEM 11154-5CHEM 1115
  6-7CHEM 111 & CHEM 11210
Computer Science5-7CPSC 10134-7CPSC 1013
Dance5-7PHED 11234-7PHED 1123
Design Technology5-7ART 110 (3)34-5ART 110 (3) ART 111 (3)6
6-7ART 110 (3); ART 111 (3) & COEM 175 (3)9
Economics5-7ECON 21234-5ECON 2123
6-7ECON212 & 2136
English A15-7ENGL 111 OR ENGL 12334-5ENGL 111 OR ENGL 1233
6-7ENGL 111 & ENGL 1236
English A25-7ENGL 111 OR ENGL 12334-5ENGL 1113
6-7ENGL 123 & COMM/ENGL 2056
Environmental Systems5-7ENVR 34234-7ENVR 3423
Extended EssayA or BENGL 2113 A or BENGL 211 3
Film5-7COMF 22034-7COMF 2203
Geography5-7GEOG 21134-7GEOG 2113
History-Americas (Group B US Hist Elective)5-7HIST11134-7HIST1113
History-Europe (Group A Non-US Hist Elective)5-7HIST 34534-7HIST 3453
History-Islamic (Group A Non-US Hist Elective)5-7HIST 26034-7HIST 2603
History-African (Group A Non-US Hist Elective)5-7HIST 27034-7HIST 2703
Information Tech in a Global Society (ITGS)5-7CIS 11134-7CIS 1113
Math Studies SL6-7MATH 199*3NA
Math SL5-7MATH 1293NA
Math/Further Math HLNA4-5MATH 2314
6-7MATH 231; MATH2328
Music5-7MUSC 13124-5MUSC 1312
 6-7MUSC 131; MUSC1415
Philosophy5-7PHIL 11534-7PHIL 1153
Physics5-7PHYS211 (4)44-5PHYS211 (4)4
 6-7PHYS211 (4) & 212(4)8
Psychology5-7PSYC 11234-7PSYC 1123
Social and Cultural Anthropology5-7ANTH 23134-5ANTH 2313
  6-7 ANTH 231; SOCI111 6
Sports, Exercise, and Health Science5-7PHED 11234-7PHED 1123
Theatre Arts5-7THTR 110 (3)54-5THTR 110 (3)3
6-7THTR1 10 (3) & THTR 101(3)6
Theory of KnowledgeA,B, or CPHIL 1993A,B, or CPHIL 1993
Visual Arts Option A (Dr. Nelson)5-7ART 102 OR ART 19934-7ART 102 OR ART 1993
 Visual Arts Option B (Dr. Nelson)5-7ART 103 OR ART 19934-7 ART 103 OR ART 1993
Foreign Languages
Students who have earned foreign language credit may be awarded up to the maximum number of foreign language credits (up to 14 credits). Please consult with the Department of Humanities to complete the level-appropriate proficiency exam.
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