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Forensic Science

Understand how forensic science is used as a resource in the criminal justice system to collect evidence during criminal investigations. Minor available.

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General Studies A.A. (Online)

Refine your interests and identify your career trajectory through our comprehensive general studies program that gives you flexibility to pursue courses that appeal to you.

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Applied Mathematics

Fine tune your analytical and problem solving skills and follow a career path in physics, chemistry, or biology. Major and minor available.

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Intercultural Studies A.A.

Become acquainted with diversity in a global context and learn how best to represent Christ regardless of your location or culture.

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General Studies B.S. (Online)

Our flexible online bachelor’s degree program will equip you for success and advance your career through integrated core classes and hands-on application.

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Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies

The Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies (MAIS) is a 48-credit degree serving those preparing for multi-cultural ministry in a domestic or foreign context.

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Applied Science & Sustainability

Study the relationship between humans and the environment and learn more about environmental conservation through this degree program. Major and minor available.

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Evangel Art Program


Combine your appreciation for art with practical experience in studio settings to hone your skill and advance your career. Major, minor, and concentration available.

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Broaden your perspective and expand your knowledge of the arts, culture, and history by pursuing our humanities program. Minor available.

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Photography & Film A.A.

Fast-track your communications-focused career as you learn how to capture professional-quality photos and video through our associate degree program.

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Master of Leadership and Ministry

This 36-credit professional studies degree prepares ministers to lead in the Church, becoming lifelong learners who develop models of personal and professional growth.

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Art Education

Use your creative talent to help others develop theirs. With our Art Education degree program, you’ll be prepared to teach art in grades K-12. Major and minor available.

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This bachelor’s program is for you if you love music and prefer a general studies music degree that can be integrated into your vocational calling. Major and minor available.

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International Business

Business is global. Our degree program equips you with the knowledge necessary to buy, sell, and market products and services on a global scale. Minor available.

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Military Science (ROTC)

Fulfill your call to service through our military science minor degree program that will enhance your leadership calling. Minor available.

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Music: Recording Technology

Engage your passion for music and your love of technology in this progressive degree program. Major and minor available.

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bachelor of science in biology, pre med program, pre occupational therapy


Pursue your passion for science and advance your vocational calling through our practical and hands-on biology degree program. Major and minor available.

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Photography: Art Emphasis

Take your photography skills to the next level with our comprehensive photography minor that emphasizes both traditional and digital methods. Minor available.

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photography, evangel photography program

Photography: Communication Emphasis

Hone your photography skills and discover new methods and emerging trends through our practical program that will prepare you for an enriching career or hobby. Minor available.

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Pursue our physics program and advance your vocational calling in a science related field, as an educator, or in engineering or computer science. Minor and concentration available.

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