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Master of Leadership and Ministry

The Master of Leadership and Ministry (MLM) is professional studies degree, equipping ministers to become life-long learners and to develop models of personal and professional growth. The program prepares participants for vocational ministries in the Church.

The MLM degree requires 36 credits of study. The degree can be completed by any student regardless of the field of their undergraduate degree. Students with a strong undergraduate background in religion who have successfully completed introductory courses in Bible, Theology, and Ministry may receive advanced standing up to 9 credit hours in their programs. No more than 18 credits can be transferred into the MLM program. There is a 10-year time limit on program completion, including transfer credit. See AGTS Catalog for more information.

A bilingual Spanish cohort option is available for those interested in a combined Spanish and English program of study. For more information about the bilingual Spanish cohort, please contact our AGTS Enrollment Coordinator, Max Holmes.

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Curriculum Overview

Program Section Credits
Bible & Theology 18
Practical Theology 18

(See AGTS Catalog for specific courses)


There are no concentrations available in the MLM due to required coursework in the core curriculum.

Course Delivery Options

The AGTS MLM courses are offered in three types of learning experiences:

  • Residential Courses
    • Offered in seated learning experiences on a weekly basis at the main campus. This includes daytime and evening class sessions.
  • Hybrid Courses:
    • Offered through a live video-conference connection to all residential (seated) courses noted above.
  • Online Courses:
    • Offered fully online with no seated classroom or video conference connection required.
    • (NOTE: Some online faculty utilize live video-conference sessions with students throughout the semester).


Fast Track Master's in Leadership and Ministry (BA/MLM)

Evangel University students participating in the Fast Track program can earn a BA/BS at Evangel University in four years, and finish the MLM degree in one more year (18 credits – 9 credits per semester). For more information about this accelerated program, please contact our AGTS Fast Track Coordinator, Dr. Mike Jaffe at (417) 268-1072 or See the AGTS Catalog for more specific information about this program.

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