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Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies

The AGTS Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies (PhD ICS) is a uniquely Pentecostal focused on developing scholar practitioners with a rich Pentecostal missiological heritage including likely the best Pentecostal Missions library in the world with access to the archives of the Flower Heritage Center.

The IDS faculty are Pentecostal scholar practitioners still current and connected to the field with an average of 30 years of missionary experience, representing every region of the world with the appropriate terminal degrees. Leading missiological journals and publishers are publishing the work of Faculty and IDS students. Various faculty members serve on the missions commissions of both the World Assemblies of God Fellowship and the Pentecostal World Fellowship.

The PhD ICS is an in-service program requiring 60 credits of study. Admissions requirements include a master’s degree in an appropriate theological and missiological discipline with at least two years of intercultural ministry experience. See AGTS Catalog, pages 333-337, for more information.

Curriculum Overview

Program Section Credits
Core Courses 20
Track Courses 12
Electives Courses 12
Dissertation Research Courses 12
Comprehensive Exam
Dissertation 4

(See AGTS Catalog for specific courses)


There are two tracks in the AGTS PhD ICS program:

  • Missiological Studies
  • Relief and Development

Course Delivery Options

A modular format requires five trips to AGTS over three years (all in July and December). Students take two classes during each two- to three-week session.


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