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Develop a foundational understanding of the principles that govern life at all levels through our integrated biology degree program.

Discover the scientific process behind life from a molecular, cellular, organismal, and environmental perspective. Our talented professors combine process-driven research methods with hands-on training to ensure you receive a well-rounded education.

You will be equipped with the knowledge necessary to pursue a wide range of career opportunities by studying botany, microbiology, cell biology, and environmental biology.

Incorporate your Christian worldview into the scientific study of biology and its elements.

Majors: Pursue an advanced degree in biology or advance your vocational calling in a biology-focused career path.

Minors: Gain a foundational understanding of biological concepts, processes, and systems as you enhance your science-focused career opportunities.

Interested in pursuing a specific biology-related field? Check out these pre-focused tracks:

Career Opportunities

Evangel's academic programs are designed specifically to prepare you for a career in the real world. But it's more than just job preparation; it's preparing you to make a full impact in your profession through the unique combination of faith and learning. Here are some of the professions this degree would prepare you for:
  • Biologist working for federal government (U.S. Departments of Agriculture, Interior and Defense, and the National Institute of Health)
  • Biologist for state and local government
  • Scientific research and testing laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Educational institutions
  • Colleges and universities


Department Chair

Michael Tenneson, Ph.D.

Department Chair; Professor of Biology

Regular Faculty

Erica Harris, M.S.

Associate Professor of Biology

Jason Streubel, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology

Julie Mayne, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor of Biology

John Patton, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology

Adjunct Faculty

Dustin Cox, D.P.T.

Instructor of Biology

William Hill, M.S.

Instructor of Biology

Lauren Rudolph

Instructor of Biology

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