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EU Films premiers “Electrolyte” on Dec. 11

Published on Dec 4, 2015 by Evangel University News

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — EU Films will be presenting the action film Electrolyte on Dec. 11, 2015. The student produced film falls within the genre of super hero melodrama.

Electrolyte will show at 6 and 8 pm in the Barnett Fine Arts Center, on the Evangel University campus just south of the chapel. Tickets will be $1 for students and $2 general admission at the door.

In the film, an inventor develops a power band for the purposes of doing good in a crime-ravaged city.

The main character Sean, played by Nathan Irwin, is discovered by inventor Bruce, played by Darrell Reynolds, to be the kind of person he has been looking for to test his power band.

The film’s theme “The Spark of a Hero” intimates the process of learning how to be a super hero with all its temptations and awkwardness.

The story was developed during the spring semester. Casting was completed in September. Principal photography began in late September and continued through Thanksgiving.

2015-12.11 Film poster 200dpi“This is the first time we’ve produced a super hero film,” said Dr. Cameron Pace, executive producer.

“It’s important to have our students work on various genres, because each type of film has specific needs and stylistic requirements that make for good practice of skills,” he said. “Many of the EU film students work on multiple movie projects during their four years of college. I want them to have a strong and varied experience in this field.”

The film features practical and digital effects that took extra consideration from the film staff.

Billy Hansen, junior digital arts major, is the director of photography. “I’ve learned a ton about being a DP. Though I knew about video production before this semester, I realize through this experience how much there really is to it,” he said.

The film’s producer is Noah Giamei, a junior film major. The director is Lauren Havard, a junior digital arts major.

Additional film staff includes editor Matthew Cederblom, sophomore; assistant director Seth Wynn, freshman; audio supervisor and screenwriter Robert Kelly, junior; and Phill Kovach, junior, who composed and produced original music for the film.

Other actors include Samantha Wiles as Sean’s love-interest, Lucy; Scott Corn as Lucy’s brother, Vince; and Alex Ross as Sean’s best friend. Small roles including criminals, police, and others were played by a number of Evangel students.

EU Films provides real world experience

EU Films is a student media organization located in the Communication Department at Evangel University. Each semester, the Film Workshop — a course connected with EU Films — produces a feature film of 45 to 60 minutes in length.

Approximately 10 to 20 Evangel students are involved each semester with the making of the films, serving as staff, crew and writers, while executive producer and adviser Dr. Cameron Pace supervises the films.

Actors from around the Ozarks also participate in Evangel films regularly.

Films produced at Evangel are shown at the end of each semester, and then uploaded to the website for public viewing at a later date.

Evangel’s cable station, EUTV, also airs the films approximately three to four months after the public viewing.

EU Film productions are photographed using professional HD digital film-style cameras. Visuals are edited using Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, and Speedgrade software.

More information can be found at or by contacting Dr. Cameron Pace at


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