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Evangel University theology professor publishes three books on Pentecostalism

Published on Apr 6, 2021 by Erin Hedlun



Dr. Martin Mittelstadt, professor of New Testament & Pentecostal Theology

SPRINGFIELD, Missouri – Dr. Martin Mittelstadt, EU professor of New Testament and Pentecostal Theology, recently co-edited and contributed to three books focused on Pentecostal traditions and experiences. Titles include “Mennocostals: Pentecostal and Mennonite Stories of Convergence,” “Receiving Scripture in the Pentecostal Tradition,” and “Canadian Pentecostal Reader: The First Generation of Pentecostal Voices in Canada.”

“In his recent publications, Dr. Mittelstadt has illuminated the significance of life stories, particularly those of Pentecostals, with how they have experienced God within their faith communities,” said Dr. Robert Berg, EU professor of New Testament. “He adeptly adapts Reception History to demonstrate how greatly our historical and cultural contexts and stories influence how we read the Bible and make sense of our lives.”

Mittelstadt is a prolific writer with a lengthy list of published work, including books, academic articles, papers, and conference presentations. His research includes a core focus on elements of Pentecostalism and its placement within the larger New Testament context.

“My love for the Gospels and the Book of Acts converged with my Pentecostal heritage, and led me to focus on the use of Scripture within the Pentecostal tradition as a primary point of emphasis throughout my published works,” Mittelstadt said.

Recent publications continue Pentecostal focus

“Mennocostals: Pentecostal and Mennonite Stories of Convergence” contains stories by Pentecostal and Mennonite educators, ministers, missionaries, and church officials. They tell of their experiences and how their respective traditions reflect on their personal, ecclesial, and academic journeys. The book is edited by Mittelstadt and Brian K. Pipkin.

“Receiving Scripture in the Pentecostal Tradition” is a collection of essays presented at the 2019 Society for Pentecostal Studies Conference in College Park, MD, where “Reception History” was the conference theme. The collection is co-edited by Mittelstadt, Daniel Isgrigg, and Rick Wadholm, Jr.

Reception history is a hermeneutical method that assesses less the intended meaning of Scripture, but rather the effect of Scripture on its readers.

“Canadian Pentecostal Reader: The First Generation of Pentecostal Voices in Canada” is a collection of the first generation of Canadian Pentecostal newsletters, curated by Mittelstadt and Caleb Courtney, a fellow Canadian Pentecostal scholar. This compilation provides a unique look into the Pentecostal revivals that took place in cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, and Winnipeg.

“In their book “Canadian Pentecostal Reader”, Martin and Caleb have done tremendous work in curating the earliest newsletters of Pentecostalism in Canada.” said Dr. Meghan Musy, EU director of competency-based theological education and associate professor of Old Testament.

“This collection makes these primary sources broadly accessible to Pentecostal believers and researchers. It’s a gift to the Church and academy.”

About Mittelstadt

Mittelstadt began his Evangel teaching career in 2000, and quickly incorporated his interest in the Pentecostal tradition with his love of the Gospels and the Book of Acts.

His publications have earned several honors, including the 2011 Book of the Year Award from the Foundation of Pentecostal Scholarship for a book titled “Reading Luke-Acts in the Pentecostal Tradition.”

He is a current executive member and past president of the Society for Pentecostal Studies and holds membership in a variety of other Pentecostal-focused organizations.

Mittelstadt originally hails from Winnipeg, Canada.

“I can’t imagine a better location than Evangel to serve these interests. I hope my desire to read the Bible through the complicated lens of Pentecostalism captures my students.” said Mittelstadt.

Mittelstadt’s publications may be ordered through his Amazon page.



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