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Humanitarian Relief and Development (Online)

Learn how to thoughtfully respond to issues of diversity, community development, crisis intervention, and disaster response.

The Humanitarian Relief and Development degree educates and equips students to deliver and lead compassion-based care that elevates and empowers the lives of the impoverished, hungry, and hurting.

This degree prepares students to deliver humanitarian care based on a foundation of God’s compassion and to apply biblical theology to the practice of humanitarian care. Students learn principles to be effective in a variety of domestic and international settings, including nonprofit leadership, volunteerism, disaster response, holistic self-care, community development, public policy, partnership cultivation, and advocacy. Curriculum emphasizes the best practices and real-world experience while establishing a strong academic knowledge base, and culminates with a capstone experience.

Signature courses include:

  • Domestic and International Disaster Services
  • Holistic Development
  • Health Management in Global Settings
  • Applied Sustainability



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