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College of Online Learning

Our robust programs offer accessible, affordable, and flexible degree options designed to accommodate your busy lifestyle.


We recognize the unique needs that face adult students who desire to complete or earn a degree or advance their career while balancing work and family commitments. Our College of Online Learning offers innovative undergraduate and graduate degree programs designed to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Flexible course scheduling and our entirely online format allows you to study anytime, anyplace.

Our unique partnership programs provide premier academic training and a variety of discounts to churches, Christian schools, public school districts, businesses, organizations, and Assemblies of God districts. We desire to make a university education affordable and practical for as many professionals as possible. Visit our Partnership Page for more details.

Dean's Greeting

At Evangel, our goal is to help you achieve your goals, both personally and professionally, all while balancing the demands of family, career, and your education. Our programs and services are built just for you! We’re confident the Lord has a plan for you and we’re looking forward to what He has in store for you, both during your program and after completion of your time with us. It’s our pleasure to partner with you as you pursue your calling at Evangel University.

Dr. Lisa Tyson serves as the dean of the College of Online Learning. Prior to this position, she held the position of Adult and Graduate Studies director.

Photo of Dr. Lisa Tyson

Dr. Lisa Tyson

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Learn more about our undergraduate online degrees and certificates as well as our advanced masters and doctoral degrees.

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Student Testimonial

Photo of Malinda Yoast

Evangel provides more than an education, it provides a family of professors and staff who believe in and pray for me. I have not only grown in my education, but also in my relationship with Jesus through my experience at Evangel.

Malinda Yoast



Department Chair

Eveline Susanto Lewis, D.B.A.

Business Department Chair

Michael Tenneson, Ph.D.

Department Chair; Professor of Biology

Heather Kelly, Psy.D.

Department Chair for Behavioral and Social Sciences; Professor of Psychology

Shonna Crawford, Ph.D.

Education Department Chair & Professor of Education

Lisa Tyson, Ph.D.

Dean of the College of Adult & Graduate Studies

Full Time Faculty

Jason Salazar, PhD

Associate Professor of Music, Worship Leadership Program Coordinator

Kevin King, Ph.D, ATC/LAT

Professor, Program Coordinator Exercise Science

Sarah Walters, Ph.D.

Program Coordinator of Master of Organizational Leadership Program

Jason Streubel, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology

Dianne Twigger, M.S.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Christine Arnzen, Ph.D.

Coordinator of Graduate Counseling Programs

Gordon Pace, Ed.D.

Professor of Education, Coordinator of Education Strategic Partnerships

Huba Ray, Ed.D., LPC

Associate Professor

Chanda Clayman, Ed.D.

Associate Professor of Education

Jean Orr, Psy.D.

Associate Professor

Stephen Houseknecht

Director of Academic Support

Melody Palm, Psy.D.

Professor of Counseling

Vince Medina, Ph.D.

Professor of Old Testament

Martin Mittelstadt, Ph.D.

Professor of New Testament

Mark Jenkins, Ph.D.

Professor of Old Testament, Biblical Hebrew, and Archaeology

Michael Jaffe, D.Min.

Professor of Preaching and Church Leadership

Steve Smallwood, D.Min.

Associate Professor for Church Ministries, Program Coordinator for Church Ministries (online)

Mark Fabian, M.A.

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships and Digital Learning

Jeremy W. Harris, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Melinda D. Jamison

Assistant Professor, Business Department

Erica Daniels

Nancy Pace-Miller, M.A.

Assistant Professor

Kristen Kansiewicz, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Matt Stringer, Ed.D.

Associate Professor, Coordinator of Graduate Educational Leadership Program

Susan Langston, Ed.D.

Professor of Education; Coordinator of Doctoral Educational Leadership, Curriculum, & Instruction Program

Andrea Hughes, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Literacy, Coordinator of Graduate Literacy Program

Vickie Wisdom, Ed.D.

Professor of Theatre

Luke Gibbs, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of English

Adjunct Faculty

Elizabeth Newcomb

Adjunct Professor

Grant Jones, Ph.D.


Lyndsey Cherry

Adjunct Professor

Renee Jenkins

Adjunct Professor

Brian Kelly, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor

Alisyn Van Note

Adjunct Professor

Leah Wilson, M.A., LPC

Adjunct Professor, Behavioral Health Program Coordinator

Hona Amer, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor

Michael Smith

Adjunct Professor

Kathryn Cook

Adjunct Professor

Robert McDaniel

Adjunct Professor

Scotty McDonald

Adjunct Professor

Judith Miller

Adjunct Professor

Joshua Yancey, Ed.D.

Adjunct Professor, BSM Program Coordinator

Tasheena Kent

Adjunct Professor

Thomas Biro

Adjunct Professor

Dr. Pam Engelbert

Adjunct Professor

Thomas Harrison, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor

Judy Richards

Adjunct Professor

Rachel Whittington

Duane Praschan, D.Min.

Adjunct Professor

Dustin Cox, D.P.T.

Instructor of Biology

Mark Sadaka, D.Min.

Adjunct Professor

Matthew Thomas

Adjunct Professor

Jimmy White, D.Min.

Adjunct Professor

Christine Battaglia

Adult Studies Academic Program Specialist

Hector Cruz

Director of Alumni Engagement & Annual Fund / Adjunct Professor

Christian Axelsen

Adjunct Professor

Fred Haltom, D.Min.

Professor Emeritus of Biblical Languages & Literature

Briana Leach

Adjunct Professor

Tina Moore

Adjunct Professor

Rebecca Huechteman, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor

Kevin Kopp, Ed.D.

Adjunct Professor

Matthew Pearce

Adjunct Professor

Debra Yonke, Ed.D.

Adjunct Professor

John Battaglia, D.Min.

Doctor of Ministry Program Director, Associate Professor of Practical Theology

Thomas Ragsdell

Adjunct Professor

Alina Lehnert, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor

Neva Atteberry, M.S., LPC, NCC

Adjunct Professor

Richard Manca

Adjunct Professor

Rebecca Donaldson, Ed.D.

Adjunct Professor

Sandy Friesen, Ph.D.

Professor of Intercultural Studies and Director of Global Connections

Julie Horner, Ed.D.

Adjunct Professor

Cassandra Ferren

Adjunct Professor

Renee Griffith

Adjunct Professor

Tamara Pierce

Digital Learning Support Specialist

David Rumley, Ed.D.

Adjunct Professor

Michael Buttacy

Adjunct Professor

Aryelle Arnold

Adjunct Professor

Elizabeth Smith

Adjunct Professor

Karen Hood

Adjunct Professor

Jeremy Fowler

Adjunct Professor

Brenda Grass

Adjunct Professor

Sean Woods

Adjunct Professor

Raquel Morrow, Ed.D., LPC

Adjunct Professor

Gregory Pollard, J.D.

Adjunct Professor

Megan Bearden

Adjunct Professor

Renee Cotton, J.D.

Adjunct Professor

Michelle Jacobs, DBA

Adjunct Professor

Craig Carson, Ed.D.

Adjunct Professor

Department Admin

Danica Spence

Administrative Assistant for Doctoral Education

Heather McGuire

Program Support Specialist for College of Online Learning

Amanda Cox

Administrative Assistant for Graduate Counseling

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