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Social Work

Integrate a passion for service with a solid foundation in science to excel as a social work professional.

Our rigorous and individualized program sets the stage for your success in the “helping profession.” Understanding social issues such as poverty, addiction, and abuse allow you to develop the skills needed to assist people struggling with these issues.

Our instructors deliver comprehensive teaching with a focus on hands-on experience through internships, practicums, and volunteer work that complements classroom study and prepares you to be highly effective.

You’ll learn about

  • Human behavior
  • Social policy
  • Helping relationships
  • Abuse and neglect

Majors: Establish a foundation to excel as a social work professional or pursue an advanced social work degree.

Minors: Enhance your career by understanding current social issues and how they impact behavioral health.

CSWE Assessment Outcomes

Potential Careers

Evangel’s academic programs are designed specifically to prepare you for a career in the real world. But it’s more than just job preparation; it’s preparing you to make a full impact in your profession through the unique combination of faith and learning. Here are some of the professions this degree would prepare you for:

  • Children and youth social worker
  • Medical social worker
  • Case manager in mental health, domestic violence shelter, juvenile office, homeless youth center
  • International worker – Peace Corp, Salvation Army, missionary
  • Social Justice Advocate for the poor, women, and abused children
  • Federal Social Worker with a MSW/License in a VA hospital or satellite center serving war veterans, or working in a federal prison in the area of mental or physical health.

Learning Outcomes

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